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Politics And Government Essay

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Is the Coup in Thailand on 22nd May 2014

Legitimate or Illegitimate?

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Politics and Government of Thailand

Professor: Surat Horatchaikul

Jinhan (Judy) Chen

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The definition of a coup can be defined as simply as “a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government”(Oxford Dictionary) This paper alleges the illegitimacy throughout the 2014 military coup d’état in Thailand, given its context of a democratic judicial system. The rest of the content examines the illegitimacy through analyzing 3 main points: the ...view middle of the document...

In an established democracy, the military and the common day people should not have to overthrow the government. This is due to the legitimization of the people’s vote and their right to select government officials. Unless the control given to the representatives is misused, corrupt or unable to protect the citizens of the democracy, the people being governed are content with the decisions made after the polling process. However, it is often that the hands of authority abuse their elected rights. If this were to occur, the court system has the obligation to set the record straight in the eyes of the people and the overall government; it is important for the country’s population to trust in the democracy and the officials whom they have voted into power. Even though the movement may start with honest intentions, the process of a coup overthrow will trigger panic in the hearts of citizens, causing them to question the authority

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of their government. A country’s democratic integrity is substantially at risk by the use of military force because the majority rule practice is destabilized and discontinued. The general public begins to believe that the legislators holding office will never be held responsible for their actions and perceive the country as “militia run”. “Since the end of military rule in 1973 Thailand has had seven coups; 1976, 77, 81, 86, 91, 2007 and 2014. In the 2007 and 2014 coups, the government being overthrown was very popular; in 2005, Shinawatra's Thai Rak Thai party won 60.7% of the vote while in 2011 his sister won 48.41%” (Winichakul, 2008). This allows a detrimental mindset of doubt that embodies the Thailand population concerning the topics of voting legitimacy and political honesty. Democracy has taken on a new connotation to those of the middle class who debate the morality and justification in regards to the instances of armed force intercession. The Military - Built for Protection, Used for the Government

Military officials are inexperienced with politics and governing. They are trained to

fight strategically with or without the consideration of country-wide acceptance. It is no longer a matter of what is best for the country, but rather, what will “win the battle at hand.” Politicians, however, initiate their voting campaigns with a set of ideals and morals that they vend to the public. Although the campaigners may lie within their communal speeches or direct promises, the community has a decision to vote or not to vote for them, allowing a source of fairness within the governing procedures. Politicians are exposed to a wide range of media coverage while military leaders are not; questions ranging from morality to past views are consistently thrown at political figures in attempts to diminish the...

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