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Politics And Film Essay

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politics and filmThe purpose of film is to enlighten, inform, and entertain. Throughout the production of a film many things occur, ranging from running out of money to scandals. All events during production and release play big a part in the way the ideas of the producer and director are presented. The survivability of a film rests on factors that occur during production and by the external factors when the film is released. The films Wag the Dog, Triumph of the Will, and Black October; show that a film is comprised of the ideological beliefs of the director and producer. Their decisions are often influenced by the filters imposed by the environment in which the film is made, and are also ...view middle of the document...

Making it appear Hitler has appeal even to the animals. Riefenstahl to this day is still hunted by her critics for this film as there is a debate as to whether or not this was her position on the Nazi party.Filters affected the making of all three films and where further demonstrated in Wag the Dog. Every film is influenced by the time and political conditions in which it was created. For example you can see Gone with the Wind has been one of Hollywood's greatest films if it were released today it would receive the most severe punishment at the box office for its portrayal of slavery and the southern United States. Wag the Dog was really risqué when it was first released, as the president of the day had been having an affair with an intern. Not wanting to completely destroy the president's image I believe that Levinson held back some great jabs at the oval office. Wag the Dog also showed some of the other filters affecting a movie. As one of the actors plays a producer. His character showcased the "choices" filter, by trying to bump the president's sexual escapades off the front page by creating a false war. This movie also shows the technology filter in the famous Tostitos into a cat scene how technology can alter and speed up the processes of the media. Wag the dog also shows the "Organizational" filter with De Niro's Charter in general and his spin doctoring. Wag the Dog interacted with its audiences to show them a political criticism of American politics and how easily the world can be duped by technology. Black October showed how a film can be affected by the various filters. First it was affected by time as the incident occurred 20 years earlier facts may have been skewed. Second this documentary tried to paint both sides as evenly as possible, so many choices I assume where made in an attempt to balance the film. This film being about a Canadian incident and produced in Canada, must have breezed through the Political/CRTC filter as there should have been no problems with its Canadian content. The economic filter may have played a role in this films development too as it was produced by the CBC and a large part of the CBC's funding is from the government. So it is possible that the government may have pressured the filmmakers to show the government's position in a more favorable light. For a more extreme case of a film that was heavily affected by a government one could just look at Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will a movie commissioned by the Nazi party of Germany. This film had many political and economic filters as one would not bite the hand that feeds them. Riefenstahl is no exception and she delivered, giving the Nazi party a glory filled film about their leader. Riefenstahl also broke some technological filters and did the first night shooting and the first aerial filming. These two techniques along with the shooting out of sequence she pioneered she made film different. Basically Riefenstahl created the filter of choice with...

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