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Political View Between Two Candidates Essay

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Political Issues between Richard Burr and Elaine Marshall
With the race for Senator of North Carolina coming to a close and with Richard Burr in the lead over Elaine Marshall, this is a very crucial time for Marshall to use some political issues in her advantage as well as it is for Burr to maintain his lead. There were a lot of differences on topics between both of these candidates.
The resource that I used in finding topics that both of these candidates disagreed on was Project Vote Smart. Project Vote Smart is an historic undertaking. It’s where citizens come together, not in a selfish way of interest or to support one candidate over another, but to defend democracy. It gives you access to information on certain topics surrounding our world. Even if one candidate suffers grave attacks from opposing candidates and ...view middle of the document...

Taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund abortions.”
On the topic of Budget, Spending, and Tax issues both candidates were given the question. Do you support using government funds in an effort to stimulate and improve the economy? Marshall’s inferred answer was yes, while Burr answered no. Another disagreement from Burr and Marshall was on the topic of Immigration when this question was asked. Do you support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants? Marshall’s inferred answer to the question was yes, while Burr said no.
Under the topic of Business and Employment issues, Burr supported the privatizing elements of Social Security while Marshall’s inferred answer said no. Both were given the question under Crime Issues that stated: Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes? Marshall’s inferred answer said no, while Burr said yes.
Under the topic Health Issues, Marshall’s inferred answer was yes in supporting a publicly-administered health insurance option while Burr disagreed. On Social Issues and whether marriage should only be between one man and one woman, Marshall’s inferred answer said no, while Burr said yes. In the section titled, International Policy Issues, the following question was asked: Do you support the United States military action in Afghanistan? Burr said yes, while Marshall’s inferred answer said no.
In conclusion, it seems through the media and both political parties stand points on key political issues that this has not been an easy race. Currently the state of North Carolina has sided with Burr instead of Marshall. That could be due to the lack of experience that Marshall has over Burr or the chance that North Carolina may just be a republican state. They both have done a great job tackling some key issues and I am curious to see who wins this battle.


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