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Political Systems Essay

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Political Systems
Democracy relates to a political system that equates to one person holding one single vote in the decision-making process. As a political system, its proponents deem it as a fair and just way as the whims of the majority are preferred over the desires of the few. It becomes necessary to comprehend how democracy works to be able to effectively understand the principles and assumptions behind it. Majority of the countries in the world relate to a democratic system with differing variations depending on the resident country’s constitution. However the basic premise is that people in a country vote for their preferred candidate and the one with the most votes becomes the ...view middle of the document...

In such a case then it would be absurd for a person to be elected as the president of a country on the basis of promises to improve the education system only to end up focusing wholly on military spending. The one man, one vote principle is of the essence that people are not corruptible and are logical in their choices. Voters are assumed to be indifferent towards manipulation and make their choices with their personal reasons at the forefront.
In comparing countries in terms of their political systems, China and India dominate debate all over Asia. The two have different political systems but remain the two largest economies in the region. The Chinese have adopted a communist system while India is run through a democratic system. In China the one-party state is the rule and people do not hold elections to choose their preferred leader. This is done through the activities within the party that allow for this to happen. However, recent reports show that China has made slight changes with village elections following a democratic route. The larger population however, maintains its allegiance to the Communist Party. In India the system is democratic and it is based on people holding one vote and electing the candidate they think is best.
There have been many reasons put forward for China’s rise to world economic superpower. Some of the arguments have been based on the political system with arguments about whether or not democracy is suitable. China is ruled through an authoritarian communist system and it has led to assumptions that this may have been the reason for its rise. The question mostly held is that whether or not democratic freedoms hold back a country’s rise to economic liberation. It is important to understand that China is successful as a country due to its vast human resource. The country holds over a billion people which cover over a sixth of the world’s population.
It is in such a scenario that a country can produce goods at a cheaper cost due to its vast network as well as find a ready internal market for these products. The many people in China are also...

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