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The Libertarian Party is an American Political Party founded in 1971. The Libertarian Party became popular in the Presidential election of 1980 in which it received 1 % of the votes. They are the third largest political party with more than 200,000 registered voters in the at least 50 states.
The Libertarian Party believes that individuals are free to do as they please with their own lives and property as long as no one brings harm to the person or property of others. They fight for a free and peaceful world where everyone has the opportunity to pursue his or her own dreams without the sacrifice their personal values for the benefit of others.
The Libertarian party is a combination of Conservatism and Liberalism believing that only through freedom can peace and prosperity prevail. They are strongly against government interference.
Freedom of Expression:
* Libertarians support freedom of expression and are ...view middle of the document...

Personal Privacy:
* Libertarians support the rights bestowed upon us as citizens of the United States under the fourth Amendment of the Constitution.
* Government should not have the right to define, license or restrict personal relationships because consenting adults should have the right to choose their own relationships and sexual practices.
* Abortion is the individual for his or her own conscientious consideration.
* The right to defend oneself, as recognized in the second Amendment.
Education and Healthcare:
* Libertarians believe that education is a parental responsibility and authority should be given back to the parents.
* All aspects of healthcare is the individual choice in the aspect of level of coverage, if any, the doctors, type of medicines and treatments they will use, to include end-of-life choices.
* Healthcare should be a free market alternative.

I would imagine that the attraction to the Libertarian Party would be mostly due to the party’s belief that people are better human beings when they are free and that society is more wealthy and peaceful when there is liberty among the land. A self-interested person’s membership may be justified by their unwillingness to conform to society’s way of living. There are people who do not want to be told what they can or cannot do, and are against the forcible will of the government and some end up suffering consequences for their choices. I think that someone who is adamant about free liberties and the proposed right to make the decisions as to what is good for themselves as opposed to what others think is good for them would definitely choose the Libertarian Party over the Constitutional Party or the Green Party.


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