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Political Ideology Essay

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Assignment 5 Paper

Both freedom and equality are political issues that have yet to be fully resolved and understood despite our nation being founded on both. Although we as a society have glamorized our country as being the “Land of the Free” and where “Everyone is created equal,” there are still social issues that give reason to believe that we as citizens of the United States aren’t so equal and not exactly all that free. In the Dialogue readings, I have selected four of which I feel could be strongly applied to the political beliefs of both freedom and equality.
In the “Self and Society” book complied of different readings and philosophical authors, I have chosen Albert Camus, B.F. ...view middle of the document...

In his reading “Body Ritual of the Nacirema,” Miner makes a satirical analysis on what and how we view other cultures and behaviors as, yet other cultures may see us in a different manner, as well. He states that it is almost hard to understand how a culture as vain as our own has managed to survive for so long (308 Miner). If we weren’t to judge others, we would therefore better be able to understand ourselves, and therefore not focus on the inequalities of each of us but rather treat and respect one another as equals. In “The Promise,” written by C. Wright Mills, the overall idea is that in order to impact our freedoms, our changes and our society, we must intervene and individually make all of our personal issues our society’s issues (267 Mills). In this way, wouldn’t this unite us rather than force a divide in between one another? If we are able to see that we have much more in common with one another, we are therefore more likely to treat one another as an equal.
My personal political ideology has always ran more conservative than liberal, coming from a strong line of strong willed Republicans with equally strong opinions. However, over the course of these readings, my ideology has somewhat changed. Given that I am more conservative when it comes to economic issues and finances, I have learned through the readings of all four authors mentioned previously before that if money is the most important thing, does that create equality and freedom? Can someone who is homeless afford to attend a four-year private educational institution? Surely they cannot, which means we aren’t all equal and that we don’t have as much ‘freedom’ as we may think we have. In the beginning of Camus reading of “The Guest,” Daru asked Balducci if the Arab is “against them” (282 Camus). Balducci says no, although they can never be too sure. Furthermore, Daru first judges the prisoner only to eventually set him free in the mountains. This to me symbolized that we cannot judge others before we allow ourselves to get...

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