Political Change: Bhutan Essay

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Between India and China, two highly innovative Asian countries, lies a large, isolated Bhudist country respectively named Bhutan. Politically jammed in the middle ages, Bhutan has been representing a collectivist monarchy as their form of government. For years and years, Bhutan has been taking small steps towards reforming an up to date, 20th century democratized stable government. Since the early 1900's, Bhutan's kings-throne has been passed down by the pure luck of birth and not by the honoring of a selected individuals entitlement to be leader voted in by the people. To put the future of a country into the hands of a family member would not be in the best interest of Bhutan in the ...view middle of the document...

This was the first time the Bhutanese were able to elect members to a new upper house parliment after a century of absolute monarchy. The United States, usually assisting countries towards making political descisions, did not intervene with Bhutan on their road to democracy. If the U.S. were to have held a conference discussing specific steps towards a stable government, the road to Democracy would have been shorter and possibly more succesful. Important steps would include the following: Discuss why democracy works; their current local and foreign interests; what are they interested in at achieving as a country; steps to make a stronger political community, so skeptical Bhutanese will be able to easily embrace a new change; ways to educate the community; how to start a peaceful neighboring relationship with China (since China has become one of the most powerful economic countries in the world); uses of Bhutan natural resources to benefit economy; and lastly where they want to see themselves in twenty-five years. These steps...

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