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Political Aspect Of The Mass Media

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The mass media separating the world.
Joseph jreige
Notre Dane University-louaize
ENL 110-C

The mass media separating the world.
The society accommodates three authorities which are the Legislative, Judiciary, and executive supremacy. After the intervention of the technology into our life there were many historical revolutions caused by political, economical, or religious issues about this technology. For the mass media, it went away from the revolutions to take advantage of this technical progress. It has been chasing a benevolent evolution to reach a point where it took a real capability to be ...view middle of the document...

Here also we can see another American production which leads the world to a growth. Another characteristic for the USA is that they are the peaceful part of the world. They took the counter-devil role by giving the others the devil role. Their only purpose in any war is to kill the terrorists to keep the peace or sometimes to give the freedom for a certain population. Jenkins, Godges, &Paul (August, 2011) announce,
"The attack also prompted America's global campaign against terrorists and terrorisme--a campaign that soon broadened to include the invasion of Iraq, a fundamental reorganization of the intelligence community and a continuing national preoccupaton with domestic security marked by the creation of a new national appartus, the U.S. Department of Homeland security, dedicated to the protection of American citizens against terrorists attacks.".(p 1)
Here we can see that the USA is always prepared to fight and enter a war but for only one reason which is bringing peace by the penetration in this war. The American government also is building an inside security system against the terrorism so it could keep the peace also inside the country. We can see that the USA is being the deserved rich people and the peaceful ones. This leads them to be the leaders of the world. In another meaning they are the most powerful country in the world. Anholt, 2011) verbalize "Derided, mistrusted, misunderstood, even hated, it just can't seem to do anything right any more. This sometimes happens to very powerful brands, even when their behaviour is impeccable, which America's hasn't always been."(p7). When a country is producing the most competitive production in the world, it absolutely would have the best economy in the world. When a country is leading the world to many consecutives achievements, it would absolutely have the best culture and technology in the world. When the country is working on attending a certain peaceful situation in the world, it would absolutely have the best army and polity. We can conclude from here that the USA is having the best culture, technology, army, polity, and economy. For sure this kind of country would deserve the lead of the world.
Second, the media using its power is broadcasting the characteristics of Europe. Starting from the unity of all European countries to their culture and high amount of tourism. At first let’s talk about the unity of all Europe, we can see that all the European countries has a unity in the economical zone as they all deals with the Euro in their markets. Adding to the unity thing of the European country, we can see that there's no need to have a passport to travel from a European country to another. Partos (February, 2005) orates "Leaders from central and eastern European countries are meeting to launch what is described as the first international effort to improve living conditions for the Roma - or Gypsies."(p 1). Here we can talk about the general unity of Europe....

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