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Policy Report On Human Rights

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Andrea ThompsonK1214462Policy ReportAccording to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article I (O'Byrne, 2003) "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights" which means that human rights abuses should in theory, be absent across the world. Although it is not absent and which still exists today, it would be unfair to say that Human Rights abuse has been ignored as it remains a (Kinolch and Mohan et al., 2005, p.15) "burning issue". There have been many genocidal cases other than Rwanda, such as in Bosnia Herzegovina, the Armenian Genocide and of course, the Holocaust. These genocide cases were not seen as world threatening, so Human Rights abuse was not seen as an ...view middle of the document...

Article 8 of the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of Genocide clearly states that (, 2014) "Any Contracting Party may call upon the competent organs of the United Nations to take such action under the Charter of the United Nations" therefore there should be no reason or explanation to why the UN cannot intervene in states where acts of Genocide had and is being committed.The issue remains that little is or nothing is being done about human rights abuse and the right to protect. Even though policies and conventions have been implemented, it seems to be ineffective and just words on paper. NGOs are meant to be the heart of Human Rights abuse which to some extent they are; however they are not going far enough. NGOs such as WorldWatch, Amnesty, and Human Rights Watch are all very good institutions. To some extent, they fulfil their tasks which are to make citizens around the world to be aware of the abuse and oppression that victims are going through; however they need to go a step further. The institutions listed above had been founded before the most terrifying experience that this world had gone through since the Holocaust with the case of Genocide in Rwanda 1994, this shows that these organisations cannot be that effective if Genocide is still happening, with no help or support from the UN let alone these organisations. The UN have the right to invade any states sovereignty if (Jones, 2006) "Genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war" is happening in that state, however they do not exercise their right and intervene in Rwanda. A notable critic said that the UN did not intervene in Genocide due to their operation failing in Somalia, 1993 which arguably is no excuse as that fear has allowed 800,00 Tutsis to be brutally murdered.Jonassohn and Bjornson (1998) explains to us that definition of Genocide only protects the ethnical, racial and religious groups, which means that political, social and economic groups do not qualify. This means that technically, if a Genocide was to happen and the victims fall out of these categories, they do not qualify and therefore the UN do not have to intervene, to be precise they legally cannot intervene. How bad is it that you need to qualify to have your rights to be protected? Rights of Human beings should automatically be protected, not oppressed. Jonassohn and Bjornson (1998) created their own definition which everyone qualifies "Genocide is a form of one-sided mass killing in which a state or authority intends to destroy a group as that group and membership in are defined by the perpetrator" this is a definition of Genocide that fits best for every citizen, this is something that the NGOs should be trying to lobby the government about, taking actions to protect the rights of human beings.According to Ramcharan (2010) NGOs are not performing to the best of their ability. Of course, they contribute well and do their part. However, there is no...

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