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Policy Measures For Institional Arrangement Essay

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It is important for every institution to have a policy that addresses various issues surrounding the institution. Among such policy is the HIV/AIDS policy. According to Lamptey, et al (2006), workplace policy provides the framework for action to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and manage its impact. This paper attempts to present a drawn up HIV/AIDS policy at workplace.
“The format of the HIV/AIDS policy at workplace should contain a general statement, policy framework, specific provisions and implementation and monitoring provisions,” states the United Nations (2004). Furthermore, the policy should include provisions in the following areas: 1) The protection of the rights of those affected ...view middle of the document...

Stigma and discrimination compromise employee welfare and a safe and healthy work environment. They also undermine HIV prevention efforts, which depend on an atmosphere of openness, trust and respect for basic rights UN Population Division (2004). Therefore in this institution;
1. Rights of employees who are HIV-p positive. HIV-positive employees will be protected against discrimination, victimisation or harassment. Normal company disciplinary and grievance procedures shall apply equally to all employees, as will the provision of information and education about HIV and AIDS.
2. Employment opportunities and termination of employment. No employee should suffer adverse consequences, whether dismissal or denial of appropriate alternative employment opportunities, merely on the basis of HIV infection. [A collective agreement could spell out the grounds for dismissal].
3. Testing. This company rejects HIV testing as a prerequisite for recruitment, access to training or promotion. However, the company promotes and facilitates access to voluntary confidential testing with counselling (VCT) for all employees.
4. Epidemiological testing. Testing programmes for epidemiological purposes will be subject to appropriate consultation with recognised employee representatives and will be subject to independent and objective evaluation and scrutiny. The results of epidemiological studies will not be used as a basis for discriminating against any class of employee in the workplace. All testing will comply with accepted international standards on pre-and post-test counselling, informed consent, confidentiality and support.
5. Confidentiality. The Company recognises the sensitive issues that surround HIV/AIDS and undertakes to handle matters in a discreet and private manner. Where an employee with HIV has revealed his or her status to management, the Company will keep the identity of such person confidential. However in line with the Company philosophy on the virus, the employee will be encouraged to be open about his or her HIV status.
2) Awareness-raising and education
In the absence of a vaccine or cure, information and education are vital components of an AIDS prevention programme. Because the spread of the disease can be limited by informed and responsible behaviour, practical measures such as condom distribution are also important means of supporting behaviour change within the workplace community. In cognisance of this therefore, this institution shall observe the following issues.
1. Appropriate awareness and education programmes will be conducted to inform employees about AIDS and HIV which will enable them to protect themselves and others against infection by HIV. Some of these will include the families of employees and the local community.
2. The company recognises the importance of involving employees and their representatives in the planning and implementation of awareness, education and counselling programmes, especially as peer educators and...

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