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Policy Making Nad Economic System Essay

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This online version of Carl Menger’s Principles of Economics containscorrections to the 1976 New York University edition; the manuscript is otherwise the same. First printing in German, 1871. The first English translation was copyright 1950 by the The Free Press, with an introduction by Frank H. Knight; 1976 and 1981 by the Institute for Human Studies, published by New York University Press with an introduction by F.A. Hayek; 1994 by Libertarian Press (reprint of the 1976 edition). Online version is copyright 2004 by the Ludwig von Mises Institute.
Editor’s Note
Introduction. By F.A. Hayek  (p. 11)
Translators’ Preface (p. 37)
Author’s ...view middle of the document...

1. The Nature and Origin of Value  (p. 114)
2. The Original Measure of Value  (p. 121)
    A. Differences in the Magnitude of Importance of
    Different Satisfactions (Subjective Factor)  (p. 122)
    B. The Dependence of Separate Satisfactions on
        Particular Goods (Objective Factor)  (p. 128)
    C. The Influence of Differences in the Quality of Goods on Their Value  (p. 141)
    D. The Subjective Character of the Measure of Value. Labor and Value. Error  (p. 145)
3. The Laws Governing the Value of Goods of Higher Order  (p. 149)
    A. The Principle Determining the Value of Goods of Higher Order  (p. 149)
    B. The Productivity of Capital  (p. 152)
    C. The Value of Complementary Quantities of Goods of Higher Order  (p. 157)
    D. The Value of Individual Goods of Higher Order  (p. 162)
    E. The Value of the Services of Land, Capital, and Labor in Particular  (p. 165)
1. The Foundations of Economic Exchange  (p. 175)
2. The Limits of Economic Exchange  (p. 181)
1. Price Formation in an Isolated Exchange  (p. 191)
2. Price Formation under Monopoly  (p. 197)
    A. Price Formation and the Distribution of Goods When There is Competition
        between Several Persons for a Single Indivisible Monopolized Good  (p. 199)
    B. Price Formation and the Distribution of Goods When There is 
       Competition for Several Units of a Monopolized Good  (p. 203)
    C. The Influence of the Price Fixed by a Monopolist on the Quantity of a
        Monopolized Good that Can Be Sold and on the Distribution of the Good
        Among the Competitors for It  (p. 207)
    D. The Principles of Monopoly Trading (The Policy of a Monopolist)  (p. 211)
3. Price Formation and the Distribution of Goods...

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