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Policy Making Essay

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Equalities Impact Assessment

Corporate Communication Strategy
and Action Plan

Date: March 2009

Equality Impact Assessment - Policies

| | |
|Title of policy being assessed: |Corporate Communication Strategy/Action Plan |
|Department and Section: |Chief Executive’s |
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e. that all residents and communities are aware of the |
|Council’s services and decisions (including services provided in partnership with other agencies) and are able to feedback their views to help the Council |
|shape services to meet local need. |
| |
| |
|How have these aims, objectives and outcomes been determined? What research and consultation/engagement/involvement has been undertaken/used to inform the|
|design and delivery of the policy? How have needs based on race, gender, disability, age, religion/belief or sexual orientation been taken account of? |
| |
|The Corporate Communication Strategy is a high-level strategy which sets out the basic principles for the Council’s communication activities and processes |
|–including communication activity undertaken across all departments and delivered by a range of people who work to these corporate principles. |
|Accessibility of information to all, clarity and user-friendliness for the various audiences, consideration of languages, two–way communication etc. are |
|principles to maximise equality in communication. |
|By stating that accessibility of information and communication to all people is a fundamental principle, the consideration of all equalities strands (i.e. |
|race, gender, disability, age, religion/belief and sexual orientation is therefore implicit and explicit. |
|Although overarching, the Strategy and its related Action Plan were developed and updated after consideration of equalities requirements and consultation |
|with relevant section heads (who are responsible for areas such as diversity and community engagement). It was also endorsed by the Corporate Management |
|Team, before going to Cabinet for approval. |
|The Action Plan includes proposed actions to be undertaken by corporate sections. Each corporate section should be undertaking EIAs for these activities. |
|These activities are in areas including Diversity, Consultation, Community Engagement and Partnership Working. The activities should improve the |
|effectiveness of communication, in order to meet the needs of audiences within...

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