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Policy Formulation Essay

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In a short period of time taking chances to determine the factors which may cause the increasing numbers of policies that needs to be re-evaluated for its revision, amendment or rescission as the case may be. It is observed that management and administration may not seem glamorous to young Officers who find excitement in operational duty. Adjutant General Service (AGS) work is not exactly attractive. It may hardly notice behind-the-scene of activities like management of personnel affairs, records-keeping, or the dissemination of official information, orders, instructions as these have been relegated to the background. While the rest of the Philippine Army (PA) hugs the ...view middle of the document...

In all aspect, policy formulation is a long and tedious process that needs employment of time for series studies, evaluation and incorporation of the present situation that needs to be addressed. On the other hand and as stated, policy makers or drafters must likewise be cautious and thorough in their efforts to come up with policies that will ultimately affect the Army as an organization.

With these, the issue on how can the Army maximize the PA Policy Board its full potential, it is submitted the following:

1. To designate alternate members of the principal members for continuous discharge of their functions.
2. Each members shall continuously develop a “growth mindset” to stay competitive.

3. The mandated conduct of periodic review on policies shall be adjusted to monthly review to deliberate more policies.
4. To compile or make a lists of all existing PA policies and determine whether revision or rescission thereof is needed.

5. Initiate proposals to Offices of Primary Interest (OPI) on policies that needs revision or amendment as the case may be.
6. Outsourcing or employment of researchers from reputable schools who can help the PA Policy Board to timely address the needs.
7. Initiate creation of Technical Working Group for specific policy.
8. Assignment of young Officers with potentials in writing with the Office of the Army Adjutant General.
9. Set goals periodically in order evaluate their capabilities.
10. Set motivations to PA Policy members, awards or other incentives as the case may be.
11. Chairman should possessed the good quality of a leader who can inspire his members to discharge their duties and responsibilities to the fullest.
12. Patience, love of the service, country and continuous research and study are needed.

As to the suggestions on how can improve Policy formulation in the Philippine Army, it is humbly submitted that we have the tested formula on how to formulate...

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