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Policing Developements And Operation Trends Essay

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Criminal Justice Trend Evaluation
Terry Milton
June 25, 2012
James Beeks

Criminal Justice Trend Evaluation
To keep up with the criminal problems in society, functions and components of the criminal justice system has to evolve in order to be able to detect and keep up with growing trends in society. New laws need to be created to help keep up with the evolution and its new trends. In this paper the evaluation of past, present, and future trends that connect to societies and the components of the criminal justice system will be discussed. It will also assess the recent and future contemporary issues that affect the criminal justice system. The purpose of this paper is to ...view middle of the document...

Due to overcrowding in correctional facilities since 1997, this technology is needed and will be needed in the future, it has become an integral part of the landscape of the criminal justice system (Muraskin, Roberts, 2009).
The growing number of juveniles being incarcerated in adult prisons is another growing trend that society is facing in the 21st century. These juveniles are being transferred to the adult court system and placed in adult correctional institutions (Muraskin, Roberts, 2009). This is the time for policy makers to focus on the reason why juvenile delinquents behavior are so unstable while at the same time evaluate ways to reduce their delinquent acts. Globalization has made domestic problems reach national boundaries. This globalization has allowed gangs such as MS-13 to evolve into transnational crime syndicates, that extend their pursuit of illegal activity outside national borders. It is predicted that in the future without successful alternatives for the youth, social and poor economic conditions will continue to grow which will make the idea of joining a gang look glamorous to juveniles. Changes have to be made to help educate these juveniles so that they don’t filter into adult prisons and become a part of the problem. In the past the juvenile justice system was once considered to be a place to reform youth. Now that more and more juvenile are being transferred into adult prisons greater demand are being place on correctional institutions. It is predicted in the future that urban terrorism from aggressive gangs will be a greater threat to American society than foreign terrorist. This is why new techniques in the criminal justice system have to evolve in order to keep up with the social changes in society.
According to Muraskin and Roberts (2009), the composition of the United States Supreme Courts shifted during the first part of the century and it has to continue to shift in order to play major role as well as keep focus on the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution . Evidence has shown that courts are moving away from restrictions placed on the police, how trial are conducted, and sentencing and punishment concerns. During the 18th century the Bill of Rights was put in place to protect the minorities against the majorities and presently they are still doing the same in the 21st century.
In recent years the American Correction System faced challenges of overcrowding; because of the “three strike and you are out” law and lack of rehabilitation and reentry programs. Due to social, legal, and physical barriers incarcerated individuals have found it hard to get a chance to reenter society. These barriers have lacked motivation, social skills, housing, vocational, employment and public assistance. But recently several hundred million dollars have been spent on developing and supporting prisoner reentry programs nationwide (Muraskin, Roberts, 2009), with the hope of not allowing the cycle of recidivism...

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