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Police Officer Ii: On The Job

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Sigfredo A. Collazo
Excelsior College

Police officers are people the society should always be seen as the epitomes of discipline and guardian of law and order; however police behavior in recent years has been nothing but exemplary thus rising to extreme bitterness and disbelieve in the community. The community no longer trusts or respects police officers levying all sorts of charges against them. Police officers behavior is indeed despicable in some cases, especially where minorities or women are concerned.

Police subculture is responsible for providing officers a different working attitude and mindset. Their character and personality are profoundly altered by the views and values that they learn from existing in this subculture. The one most ...view middle of the document...

On one hand, this subculture teaches them values and beliefs and on the other, and it turns the entire police society into a cohesive group that is fundamentally alienated from the general public.


The law enforcement first-line direction is the key management element in the daily functioning of American police organizations.
Personnel decisions made in any organization, including police agencies, are influenced by the organizational culture. Culture can possess both negative and positive attributes. The negative internal perception of people at all levels of law enforcement bureau creates an acid environment within law enforcement which separates agency efficacy to work with the problems of crime, miss conduct and service for which citizens have commissioned them. Without the health of these organizations, communities are at risk of not getting the police service they deserve. Higher running police organizations can focus on better results and provide better service to communities in a time of dwindling community resources;.
Police sub-culture is unique to each organization. American police agencies have common traits that connect them in shared experiences as groups and as individuals. Police departments share the characteristics of seeing themselves as paramilitary organizations, as outsiders to mainstream society, and having to be hyper-vigilant to the environment in which they work. They share times of extreme boredom, working when others are taking holidays off with family, and sharing life and death experiences; creating a bond which binds them together as an emotional sub-culture.

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