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Police Model Comparison Essay

911 words - 4 pages

OrganizationalName | Philippine National Police(PNP) | National Police of Columbia Policia National | People’s Police force | Law Enforcement in Japan | New Zealand Police |
Agency | Department of the Interior and local Government (DILG) | Ministry on National Defense | Ministry of Home Affairs | National Police Agency or NPA | New Zealand Government/Ministry of Police |
Entrance Age | 21 years old | 21 years old | 18 years old | 21 years old | 20 years old |
Retirement age | 56 years old | 50 years old | 60 years old | 60 years old | 55 years in service |
Minimum Rank | Police Officer ...view middle of the document...

Pol.) | Inspector General | General | Directeur general de la police nationale (Derictor General) |
Minimum Qualification | University Degree | voluntary military service; 2years conscript service obligation to age 45;Indonesia citizens only | required to posses atleast the Brunei Junior Certificate of Education(BJCE) | Bachelor Degree | French Baccalaureate Degree |

OrganizationalName | National Police of Uruguay | Federal Police of Germany | Abu Dhabi Police(ADP) | Metropolitan Police Service | National Police Agency |
Agency | Ministry of the Interior of Uruguay | Federal Ministry of Interior | Ministry of Interior | Ministry of defense | Ministry of Interior |
Entrance Age | 21 years old | 16 years old | 18 years old | 18 years old | 18 years old |
Retirement age | 54 years old | 60 years old | 60 years old | 62 years old | 60 years old |
Minimum Rank | Republican Guard Metropolitan Guard | Senior Constable | Policeman | Policemen/Constable | Police Rank 4 |
Highest Rank | Ministry of the Interior | Inspector Police | Commander General | National Commissioner | Police Supervisor Rank 1 (Police General) |
Minimum Qualification | High school/CollegeGraduate | High School Degree | Complete college Education | Bachelor’s Degree | High School Graduate |
OrganizationalName | Sudan Police Force...

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