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Police Function Essay

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Policing Function
Susan Kinkead
CJA 394
April 20, 2013
Michael S. Hudson

Policing Function
The policing functions vary between the levels, in law enforcement. The levels include the local, state, and federal police functions. Local, state, and federal vary because each observes a variety of functions in their jurisdiction that has been assigned to them. Discussion of police functions as well their viewpoint and the possibility of future changes in laws that will influence law enforcements. The police function in various attributes to protect, and serve the people; the policing functions existent through various organizations to continue protecting, and serving the people, and ...view middle of the document...

50). Most of the advice is for the local law enforcement, but when followed it will carry through to the other agencies.
There is so much technology for the law enforcement agencies to use, one of which is racial profiling. The federal law enforcement used this to find some of the serial killers running around the country.
State law enforcement agencies are in charged with keeping the state’s highways, rural areas, and many other areas within their state safe. State police are also charged with keeping motor vehicles inspected according to the United States regulation. Many other agencies within the state as well share many other roles with other state and local law enforcement agencies. The difference between local and state law enforcement agencies is their resources, staff, in some cases budgets, and jurisdictions (Gil, 2009).
Concerning the federal law enforcement agencies are in place to work certain types of crimes. These federal law enforcement agencies often work in conjunction on several different taskforces to investigate effectively and prosecute those who commit crimes in the United States (Gil, 2009).
Gil (2009) states, “For the most part local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies share the same directives as well as support and oversee the same laws of the land. The only differences that these agencies have are their jurisdictions, staffing, funding, support and operations. In today's society the roles and duties that are assigned to these law enforcement will continue to change every day” (p. 4).
The cooperation between the local, state, and federal was very limited as history has shown. The September 11, 2001, happened it was like the world stood still for a while. Then as the country has done before, thed people and law enforcement came together and started to work the way it is suppose to. Then the Boston Marathon Bombing happened out of the blue, not expected. All the agencies, local, state, and federal were right there helping and doing anything and everything to keep order and start the investigation. Because of the agencies working and sharing the information, they could catch the bombers within days of the bombing. Everyone should be proud of how hard they worked to get the job done and done well.
The last thing discussed is the future of the function of the police. Braunstein, (2013), said that” there are five factors for this continuing evolution tht are critical incidents and scandal bring changes in leadership; police are educated and trained with the best possible resources at their disposal; police are better trained in media; overarching organization encourage transparency and advocated effective public information; and standards that must be met to achieve accreditation emphasize the importance of the public information function” (p. 133).
Advancing technology increases both the speed at which personnel can access, input, and analyze information and the number of locations at...

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