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Police Ethics And Use Of Force

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Police Ethics and Use of Force
Bernardo Harper
AIU Online

Police Ethics and use of force is always a topic up for discussion in society today. There are many cases where the use of force that police officers choose is questioned on whether or not it is excessive. There are also quite a few cases that question the ethics of the officers who are charged with serving, and protecting the people of the public. Public safety is always the number one priority of the departments of many cities, and towns in the United States. The decision of when to use force and, and how much force to use is made in a split second. The aftermath of a case when deadly force is used will be ...view middle of the document...

Types of Force Used by Police
There are different types of tools and tactics that police officers have in order to make the arrest of a suspected criminal. Some of those tools include pepper spray, batons, stun guns, and firearms. The idea of having these items is to use an escalation of force that will allow an officer to apply the proper amount of force to the individual without going overboard. The idea of having to use force begins when the need arises for the apprehension of someone who has been accused of committing a crime, and needs to be removed from the streets in order to maintain public safety. The decision to use force is usually mad in an instant and once that decision has been made it cannot be undone which is why training on how to respond to different situations is paramount.
Misconduct and Unethical Behavior
Police misconduct and unethical behavior have been around for a very long time. The powers bestowed upon our officers come with great responsibility. Officers come into situations where integrity is checked while going about their duties. An example of an officer misusing or abusing powers can be when an officer conducts a search of a vehicle that has been pulled over for a traffic violation, and finds drugs in plain sight inside of the vehicle. Instead of the officer making the arrest he/she decides to tell the suspect that instead of going to jail that the money and drugs found in the vehicle will be seized by the local police department, and if the individual complains then an arrest will be made at a later time with even more severe charges. An example of police corruption would be an officer who accepts bribes from criminals for looking in the other direction when a crime is being committed. The fact that discretion can be used by the officer means based on the situation the officer can choose to go a different route given the circumstances. This allows...

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