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Police Culture Essay

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Officer Recruitment and Selection Process for the Vermont Highway Patrol

The basic eligibility requirements for being hired as a Vermont Trooper are to have a high school diploma or GED, age 21 and over, U.S. citizen, a background demonstrating good moral character, and satisfactory completion of Peace Officer Academy (POST) Entrance Exam (Vermont Department of Public Safety, 2013).
The minimum requirements to become a Vermont Highway Patrol are that applicants must be a U.S. Citizen; must be at least 21 years of age as of initial testing date; must have a high school diploma or equivalent; may not have received more than three minor traffic violations within two ...view middle of the document...

Candidates who apply to test for Department of Public Safety Officer positions will be required to undergo the Physical Assessment Test (PAT) and the suitability assessment. Candidates taking the PAT will be required to pass each event. Failure to pass each event at the level indicated in the physical requirements will eliminate the candidate from further consideration of employment for the recruitment period. Once the candidate passes the PAT they will take the suitability assessment test that consists of several instruments to assess cognitive and interpersonal skills. This test is a video-based, multiple choice test that portrays situations that are commonly faced in law enforcement. Candidates are required to analyze situations and make quick judgments. Candidates are also evaluated on other areas such as, reading, observation skills, factual report and basic writing competency during the assessment. Candidates passing this test will move to the background Investigation portion of the selection process. Candidates will also go through additional testing that includes an oral board, polygraph examination, pre employment drug test, psychological evaluation, and a comprehensive medical examination that includes hearing and vision (Vermont Department of Public Safety, 2013).
Upon being hired, a candidate must successfully complete the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) that is 15 weeks long. Vermont law requires all potential peace officers to receive basic training before they can be certified and function with any authority in the state. The POST Basic Training program provides the required training for law enforcement officers.
The mission of the...

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