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Police Corruption: Examples And Solution Essay

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When the word corruption comes to mind, many individuals think of practical societies or countries without a stable government that handle issues in an unfair way. Even though this may be true to a certain extent, corruption has a broader meaning to it, and, is found in almost everything and everywhere. Johnson (2006) explained that corruption is a widespread social occurrence that exists in any civilization, and thrives in any type of people. He also states that corruption exists in systems that somehow relate to the control of the public. Johnson (2006) uses the example of police departments because they maintain order and, peace by controlling society. He states that a police organization ...view middle of the document...

He states that the rotten apple theory involves a few bad apples within a police department who were not screened properly and came into the department at risk of corruption. The environmental perspective theory on the other hand, suggests that police corruption is a reflection and mimics the political corruption within the city. Politically corrupt cities influence the police organization which causes corruption. Another theory Holloway (2002) explains is that corruption can occur in various ways such as rough treatment, discrimination, sexual harassment, threatening, and the abusive use of weapons. He goes on to explain that corruption is broken down into two components, internal and external corruption. Internal Corruption is the illegal acts and/or agreements within a police department and, involves more then one of the members within the organization. The external corruption has to do with the illegal acts that involve one or more members of the police organization and, one or more members of the general public (Para. 3). Holloway (2004) goes on to give examples of external corruption. He states that corruption generally consists of activities, such as individuals of the public pay money to police to avoid arrest or continually violate the law. Others include activities involved in narcotics, bribes, and false testimony in court in order to attain dismissal of the charges against a defendant (Para. 4). According to Holloway (2004) another type of corruption is called a scandal. He states "a scandal is perceived both as a socially constructed phenomenon and as an agent of change that can lead to realignments in the structure of power within organizations" (Holloway, 2002, Para. 4). Many police organizations experience scandals, some more vulnerable than others.For example take New York for instance. New York has had "more then half a dozen major scandals regarding its police department within a century" (Holloway, 2002, Para. 5). One of the most famous scandals that occurred in New York is Rampart Scandal that occurred in 1998. Larsen (1999) explains that in 1998, Los Angeles Police Department [LAPD] Officer Rafael Perez, who was part of the anti-gang CRASH unit was charged with stealing six pounds of cocaine from the police security room. CRASH derived from the name Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums was a group of police officers who routinely arrested suspected gang members on street corners, searching and interrogating them, administering beatings, seizing drugs and money. Perez had been convicted of stealing $1 million worth of cocaine from the evidence room and, in exchange for a lighter sentence, he made confessions of other crimes that he and other fellow police members committed. Perez stated that he and other officers committed routine theft, the sale of narcotics, violent beatings, unlawful shooting and even murder (Para. 2). Walker (2000) noted one of the most notorious crimes that Perez committed was when he and his...

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