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Police Corruption Essay

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Police Corruption

Police Corruption
Police corruption, has become an international problem and has been going on for decades now, which means citizens have no trust in the law enforcement. Corruptions is defined as, dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. When it comes to police misconduct, this is when the police make improper actions on an individual and often results in miscarriage of justice or even discrimination. This also means that when the police obtain false information, police brutality, racial profiling, and sexual abuse. Police brutality occurs when a police officer uses excessive force, which means using excessive force is a violation ...view middle of the document...

The first would be the occupational deviance, which basically means that the illegal act was committed during the course of normal work. The second type of deviance is the abuse of authority, which includes the use of excessive force in order to injure, insult, or trespass upon the dignity of an individual. When justifying the amount of force that an officer may use in any given incident, the officers must keep in mind that they need to work up the force continuum, in order to use the proper amount of force to solve the situation. This is due to the fact that they are only allowed to use force to protect themselves and the others around them; to retain evidence, take people into custody, or even to prevent escape. As a result of these types of misconducts done by officers in the past years, the departments went on to take charge and enforce laws to protect individual rights.
On October 20th of 2009, in Hamilton County, Ohio, Sheriff Deputy Officer Ryan Wolf spotted what appeared to be a reckless driving or a possible driver under the influence of alcohol. Everything got out of control when 52 year old, John Harmon was pulled over and forced out of his vehicle. Coolidge (2010) He was brutally attacked with excessive force, kicked, stomped and tased seven times on the ground by other three deputy officers; Matthew Wissel, Shawn Cox and John Haynes, giving him a severe beating alongside a dislocated left elbow without resisting an arrest. What was not known at that moment, is that John Harmon was a longtime diabetic patient and had just suffered a low blood sugar attack, which caused him to lose control while driving on Clough Pike Street, from a late night at work on his way back home (Coolidge, 2010, p. ). Even after police officers acknowledged he had a diabetic shock, Mr. Harmon was retained in jail soon after he was released from the hospital and was charged with failing to comply orders from a police officer and for resisting an arrest. Mr. Harmon was in jail for five hours in a holding cell even when officers knew Mr. Harmon’s behavior was because of a medical emergency. On December 20th, 2009 John Harmon and his wife filed a civil lawsuit against the officers and their supervisor because of the excessive force used. The officers were suspended without pay; John Hayes for ten days, Matthew Wissel was suspended for five days, and Shawn Cox was suspended for two days. Sargent Stuckey was also suspended for ten days for violations in the paperwork where she wrongfully authorized the charges towards Harmon. Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Sanger also arrived at the scene where he recorded with his car camera what sounded like a beating. When Sanger saw what was happening he immediately separated Wolf from Harmon because of the excessive force. With the help of Sanger, Harmon was medically treated and was also a witness to what the officers put Harmon through.
Followed by this brutality case, eight New York police officers...

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