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Police Brutally And Police Management Essay

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Police brutally and police management
The 1991 beating of Rodney King highlights abuse as one of the most pressing civil rights issues in the United States. It demonstrates that racism is still very real and that people continue to be treated based on the color of their skin. It was one of "the most visible uses of force by police in this country’s history" and put the issue of police brutality on the national agenda (Mydans 1). The King beating set off a chain of events that enflamed racial, ethnic, and social tensions in Los Angeles. It caused six days of riots and rebellion, calls for structural reforms of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s ...view middle of the document...

King fell to the ground. For the next few seconds of the videotape, King attempted to rise, but Powell and another officer each struck him with their batons to prevent him from doing so. Then, Powell administered repeated blows to King’s lower extremities; one of the blows fractured King’s leg. Then, Powell struck King on the chest, and King rolled over and lay prone. At that point, the officers stepped back and observed King for about ten seconds then began to reach for their handcuffs. After watching him, Officer Briseno stomped on King’s upper back and neck. King’s body writhed in response.After this, Powell and Wind started to strike King again with a series of baton blows, and Wind kicked him in the upper thoracic about six times. Finally, King put his hands behind his back and was handcuffed (Garcia 3).
On the witness stand, Koon and Powell explained that they beat Rodney King because he failed to follow instructions.Even though King did lie facedown on the ground, as the officers instructed him to, but he ignored their orders to keep his arms straight out to the sides. He had his elbows bent, with his hands closer to his shoulders. Police described this as "a push-up position"(Lepore 3) and interpreted it as an indication that King was preparing to try to get up off the ground. Therefore, Koon and Powell insisted they were not permitted by the rulebook to handcuff King at that time. They said they were required by regulations to continue to beat King with their batons, and shock him with the taser, until such time as his arms were straight, and only then, could they handcuff him.The number of police on the scene when King was beaten included twenty-one officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and four officers from the California Highway Patrol. With twenty-five officers present, it would have been possible to handcuff King at any time. Nevertheless, Koon and Powell testified that formal police procedure forbade them to handcuff the suspect until he complied with their orders to straighten his arms out.On the witness stand, Koon said Rodney was "an aggressive, combative suspect." In an allusion to the huge comic book character, the Hulk, Koon called King a "monster" with "Hulk-like strength". Koon said his actions were based in part on his assumption that King was "probably an ex-con" and "probably on PCP" (Lepore 4). These are perfect examples of racial profiling; the only reason that Koon would have thought those things is because the suspect, Rodney King, was African-American. There is no way to look at a person and know if they have been to jail or prison before. The only reason that Koon would have entertained these thoughts is the fact that King had a different skin color than his own. Regardless of potential background, even ex-con’s have the same rights as everybody else, they have paid their debt to society, and thinking someone is an ex-con does not give a police officer the right to beat them.On March 15, 1991, four...

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