Police And The Public 2005 Essay

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The Police-Public Contact Survey, (PPCS) is in a series that is known as National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) Series. It was started to gain knowledge of how often and under what circumstances police-public contact becomes problematic. They had a pre-test that was prepared for a sample test that was conducted in 1996, which consisted of 6,421 person(s) between the ages of 12 and older.The survey was designed to achieve three primary objectives: to be able to develop detailed information about the victims and consequences of the crime, to estimate the number and types of crime not reported to the police, and to be able to provide uniform measures of selected types of crime. What was ...view middle of the document...

What was included was the type of crime, severity of the crime, injuries or losses; time and the place of occurrence; medical expenses incurred; number, age, race and sex offender(s); and relationship of offender(s) to the victim (stranger, casual, acquaintance, relative, etc).Demographic information on household members including age, sex, race, education, employment, median family income, martial status, and military history. While conducting the pre-test they took notice of the most frequent reason given for contact with the police. And that is your frequent traffic stops that are conducted everyday by police professionals. It states that in 2005, that 19% of juveniles that live in the United States that were 16 and older had 'face to face' contact with the police which was a decrease of 21% drop from 2002, it goes on to say that most among the residents that were question or had any contact with were males, whites, and juvenile residents. It states that out of 10 residents that 9 of them felt that the police did there job accurately.In 2005 there had been 43.5 million individuals that had contact with a police officer, and out of that 29% had not only encountered the police one time, but two times within that year. And that the most common reason for this percentage rate was because of traffic stops, individuals reporting crimes to police or being somehow involved in a car/traffic accident.U.S. Department of justice. (1999). Police-Public contact survey (No. 3151). Washington D.C.: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research.(U.S. Department of Justice, 1999)

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