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Police And Law Enforcement Checkpoint Essay

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Police and Law Enforcement checkpoint questions and answers.

         What is the role of police in society? What would happen if the role of the police were lessened as it applies to the theory and practice of community policing?  The role of police in society is to protect citizens of the area they are serving. They are also there to enforce to make sure the laws are being followed and be the stepping stone to charge people who are breaking the law. They are also very important in finding proof in the stories of a crime and the facts to back up the stories. So that way when the person/persons that committed the crime go before the judge the charges can stick and the punishment can fit the exact crime that was committed.
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         How do daily issues such as probable cause affect police from a legal standpoint? How can these issues be improved to aid police organizations in combating crime?
The daily issue of probable cause can be very hectic for police officers. The reason I say this is because they have to have probable cause to search a person personal property and to get a warrant to do this. But sometimes in order to get the proof you have to search for it. So it can be like darn if you do and darn if you don’t situations. Because they know that something is wrong or has happened and they want to stop it and charge them with what the person has done wrong. But they can not get the solid proof they need. If they go ahead and get the proof they need without the solid reason that they need to search the area and the warrant then the evidence can be thrown out of court and that can be the end of the case. Which that person can not be recharged for that crime unless it is done again because of the double jeopardy law that we have to prevent someone from being charged over and over again for the same exact charge.
I really do not know have a solid idea of how these issues can be solved. The only thing I can do is some suggestions that could of be some use. For example if the person is actually seen with item of choice needed to give the probable cause they need to make sure that they are not the only one who has seen it. They can also try to use a play on words to see if they can trick the person into giving up the evidence they need. If the evidence is somewhere that is owned by more then one person
talk to the others and see if they will allow them to search if they do then the item that is the probable cause can stand up in court then.

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