Poetry Comparative Analysis Paper

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Poetry Comparative Analysis Paper


August 12, 2010

Poetry Comparative Analysis Paper

Throughout time people have expressed emotions through many ways, some write books, create paintings, and others express themselves through poetry. However, a poem holds many hidden meanings throughout its words, and through analyzing a poem people can understand what the poet is relaying through his or her work. Through this analysis the relationship between the poetic techniques and workplace themes, are shown through using examples from the following poems “The Song of the Factory Workers” written by Ruth Collins, “5000 Apply for 100 Jobs” written by Jim Daniels, and the poem ...view middle of the document...

For example, “You’ll miss/ The whir, whir of the machinery/ The click of the tacker/ The happy laughter of the girls, / Telling jokes” (Collins, 216). This poem captures the readers attention by emphasizing the lack of options available to a worker who has maintained the same position in the same environment for many years. Many workers in any workforce begin to form addictive qualities in their working environment, people grow comfortable with their workplace surroundings, and they grow attached to their job they may have once enjoy.
In the Poem 5000 Apply for 100 jobs by Jim Daniels, the character realizes the opportunity to obtain the job he has been standing in line for to receive a better opportunity in a crumbling society is no longer available. Through figurative language, the poet sets up the surrounding picture for the reader, for example, “Hundreds danced slowly in front of me/ Hundreds behind” (Daniels, 257). However, the employer informs all the applicants to leave because currently all the positions have been filled successfully. Many people in today’s society can relate to the characters situation because many people face the brutal reality of no job, and face the competition with what seems like thousands of people for just a few job opportunities. However, the character realizes through his other job that he is better off than most even though the money is not much it is better than nothing. “At least I have another job minimum wage” (Daniels, 257). Another technique in this poem is the, “smile” usually considered a common figure of speech comparing two different places, or emotions. For example, “So I found a bit of joy inside that big sadness, / like Happy Hour at the Goodwill Store” (Daniels, 257). Even though, this character has suffered emotionally and financially, he knows in the back of his conscious everything will be all right and because the character has another job, he knows he will survive.
The poem “Factory Work” by Deborah Boe, is about a woman who works in a factory and enjoys her work all the ends and outs of the day, and even the people who work with her....

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