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Poetic Justice Essay

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Jed Cunningham:

Here you’ll find a characterization of Jed Cunningham, who is one of the main characters in this short story.

Jed Cunningham is in his High School years defined as a tall blue eyed, broad shouldered, skinny guy, whose skin is pale. Jed’s hair is defined as thick black with a tuft at front and a mouth that curves into a sardonic smile. Later In life he describes himself as an old sad and grey haired man.

Jed’s personality is quite complicated, and it appears as if he is just waiting for a chance to break free and do the unexpected and he actually promises himself that he won’t ever do anything that is expected of him. Jed’s mantra: “Live for the day” very well describes, how important it ...view middle of the document...

In his own universe he’s free, free of traditions. Jed isn’t interested in a regular life, he wants to break free of the norms and see it as an achievement to do the unexpected.

Jed is described as a cool boy with fashionate clothes and as a person everybody looks up to and wants to follow. Jed has his own style. He made his teachers feel uneasy because the feared his inability to fit in to the commend herd. He saw though them

Some of the words, which are used to describe the young Jed are: cynic, world wise

Most people see success as the process of having the right education, the right job and achieving things because of your goals and ambitions, and thereby reaching safety and security. But Jed describes success as something that is in your head, not in the eyes of others and he doesn’t see the road of success as one you must to travel – likely also because he sees it as achieving other people’s goals instead of your own.

Even though the young Jed had a crystal clear idea about how life should be and how to obtain happiness, it appears from the ending, that what seemed to be his dream didn’t really live up to his expectations and make him happy. The last description of Jed and his life is quite sad: “He lives at the country by the sea – lives alone- drove his wife to the point of insanity – because she was not her”


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