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Poems Comparison Essay

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After reading both “Fall” and “Canvas of Encouragement” I found many differences in their tone. They also are different in many other ways but, the tone is the most important aspect of their differences. The poem “Fall” centers around a child playing in the fall, which leaves the reader with feelings of youthfulness and warmth. It goes to great lengths to give the reader an image of that time of year. “Canvas of Encouragement” centers around an artist without inspiration and out of time. The author of “Canvas of Encouragement” tries to give the reader a sense of helplessness. While different in tone, both of the poems are excellent in their execution of different techniques.
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Also, the usage of the word “crunch” and describing the pile of leaves as “crisp” makes us almost hear the leaves crumbling.
Another poem “Canvas of Encouragement” by Rebecca Hancock paints a much different picture, or doesn't. This poem is much more adult and serious, centered around a blank canvas and someone who is unable to find the inspiration to paint. The first line makes the reader feel very empty and hollow, using the words blank and empty, which describe the canvas. The second line mentions the painter hanging his head down to cry. “[...] the pendulum broke/as it falls you watch time fly”(3-4) seems to indicate that the painter is out of time. This ,obviously, makes the first few lines dark and depressing. The second half leaves the reader with a sense of encouragement, the last two lines in particular. “You were sent here to mend the clock/and return the brush to the painters' hand”(7-8) is very uplifting. Saying the painter has more time, and providing the painter with help, makes the climax feel much less depressing, in comparison to the first few lines.
The two poems “Fall” and “Canvas of Encouragement” contrast in tone in many ways. This is blatantly obvious even after reading only the first two lines. “Fall” is very innocent and lighthearted. In comparison, “Canvas of Encouragement” is much more adult and depressing. “Fall” gives the reader a colorful visual while “Canvas of Encouragement” stresses emptiness and lack of color. Despite their differences I found “Fall” and “Canvas of Encouragement” to be very entertaining and well written.

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