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Poem Reaction Essay

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A person’s style is one feature that can tell someone what one’s personality is like. It also depends on the person’s feelings or action, to tell a person how one may feel about something or someone. In both stories the author's style of writing creates a tone, that gives the reader insight to the characters feelings. Which makes the characters act and say what's really on their minds. They show this by explaining why they act the way that they do throughout the stories. The character's feelings are shown within their minds, it shows how they are changing throughout the story.

In “The Yellow Wall-Paper” by Charlotte Perkins Stetson, the main characters’ words and actions help the reader ...view middle of the document...

This wallpaper that the woman is so upset about is actually a symbol of her marriage and feeling trapped in it. During this time the women of this era did not have a say in anything that they did, the male was dominant in the relationship. The woman peeling the wallpaper off of the walls shows her mental freedom, she doesn't feel trapped anymore. Her husband did not want this to happen he was very scared for her to get her mental freedom, because he was unsure of what she would do.

The short story “Soldier's Home” by Ernest Hemingway, Krebs words and action helps the reader to understand the message behind the story being told. The author is telling his readers the challenges that Krebs is going through as he returns home from war. He believes that when he returns, everyone will praise him for work in the war, but in actuality it was opposite of what he imagined. The author is concluding, it is hard to come back from war and go back to normal life the way it used to be before one has changed their ways. In the story it states, “Later he felt the need to talk but no one wanted to hear about it. His town had heard too many atrocity stories to be thrilled by actuality. Krebs found that to be listened to at all he had to lie, and after he had done this twice he,too, had a reaction against the war and against talking about it”(686). The author is telling the readers that Krebs is trying to get settled in with his life again back home. Krebs doesn't know how to interact with the people in town, so he tries to bring up things about the war to draw attention to him. He fabricates stories about the war so he could feel like a hero. Another example from the story is,“Krebs did not feel the energy or the courage to break into it. He liked to look at them, though., There were so many good-looking young girls.”(687). In this statement it is showing how, Krebs is feeling very awkward about starting a relationship with a woman.He didn't know how to love anyone, but himself, if you did date a girl you would never talk. When he was in the army he was taught that he didn't need a girl to survive, but to fake as though you need one. Krebs was starting to get frustrated with trying to readjust back the normal life that he was living before war.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s style of writing in using a first person narrator sets the tone of what she is like as a person in the story. It helps the reader to understand the story precisely, it is coming from the source, in a creative journalistic way. This journalistic style Gilman has create, it helps develop the story that leads to why the main conflict of the story that our character is facing. In most journals it is usually private information that a person may want to keep secret, but Gilman is showing us through this style our characters feelings and thoughts on her obstacles she faces. For example, “ There is a recurrent spot where the pattern lolls like a broken neck and two bulbous eyes stare at you...

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