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Poe And Shakespeare Essay

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Although, many have been inspired by the likes of Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare, there are similarities and differences between the two. Each author has been able to lure their audiences by the characteristics of their writing. Their places in society differ as each had different ways of dealing with the people in society, and their influences in literature has molded how many people see them as great prestigious authors.
The types of writing that Poe and Shakespeare wrote can be compared and contrasted in two categories, genre and language. Both Poe and Shakespeare wrote tragedies, but Shakespeare was also fluent in comedies and romance, such as “Romeo and Juliet.” Poe was only ...view middle of the document...

Can you see the undertones of each work as the tragedy of love?
Each writer's place in society greatly affected their lifestyle. Shakespeare thrived in society. His works became popular throughout England. Many came from afar just to attend one of his plays. Shakespeare also knew that in order to stay financially stable, he had to write plays that would please the people of society. His life in society was greatly indebted to the approval and support of royal and noble personages, such as, Queen Elizabeth and King James I. This made him highly respected in society and financially stable throughout his life. Poe on the other hand, was not very successful in society. Despite the criticism of his works, he did not care what society had to say and wrote what he wanted. This is one of the reasons he was not very successful financially. Poe had other setbacks financially that made him struggle in life as well. While living in Baltimore, one of Poe’s cousins robbed him during the night. Another financial setback for Poe was when his father died, he was left out of the will. It was not until his 1845 publication of “The Raven” that made Poe a household name in society. Unfortunately for Poe, in 1847 his wife Virginia died. In which he was devastated, and was unable to write for months. He only lived two more years until his death in 1849. Poe's works were not fully recognized after his death. So needless to say unlike Shakespeare, he barely squeezed by in life financially and his position in society was much different.
Each authors' influence in literature varied from one another. Although both are very notable in the history of literature, Shakespeare is still considered one of the most influential authors in the English language and his works are the most published, second only to the bible. Shakespeare had many worthy plays such as, “Hamlet,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Macbeth.” These works have been...

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