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Pocahontas And The Powhatan Dilemma Essay

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Camilla Townsend, the author of the book, “Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma,” did
a very good job of not only explaining the life of Pocahontas but she also explains the struggles that the other Native American peoples faced as well. When the majority of people hear the name “Pocahontas” their minds instantly go to the famous Disney movie but Camilla does an excellent job of portraying her in a different, not so childish, way. This book can appeal to many different types audiences. It is an easy read therefore I feel that it could apply to high school students and greater. Also, anyone interested in a more factual realization about Pocahontas’s life instead of the fairytale Walt Disney ...view middle of the document...

This created a large tribal population to help defend their tribe. This came in handy when the issues with the English started to prevail.
When a person thinks of the fight between the English and Powhatan they often think about John Smith. John Smith played an important role in this book especially. He was first captured by Powhatan and taken prisoner. Powhatan made him an offer which concluded that he would take care of the other stranded English if they would agree to become his tributaries but Smith had a completely different plan in mind, he had expected Powhatan to become the English’s vessel not their lord. Smith had said that they would only consider the arrangement.
Pocahontas was told by her hosts that Argall would have no way of knowing she was a king’s daughter and he was very friendly to the Patowomeck, with that being said she willingly boarded a boat that he was the captain of. Unfortunately, she was held prisoner in order for the English to receive their men back and the weapons that the chief had taken. Once Powhatan heard of the news he was extremely sorrowful and he demanded the English to “use his daughter well.” He was willing to do as they pleased in exchange for her. Back in her time women were raised to be expected to be kidnapped, although when it happened it was still a traumatic event for them.
Pocahontas was both, a prisoner and a...

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