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Pmp Project Essay

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Week 6 Assignment

Our team is building a tree house for a family in their backyard within a residential housing area. The project should be completed in thirty business days with a project budget not to exceed $25,000. All legal permits are required in order to start building, and the tree house is expected to be child safe and weather resistant. As a team we have stayed under budget because we have taken into account periodic costs through our risk analysis.

As a team we have taken into account tree structural issues and periodic costs could incur here because of using more material to either strengthen by reinforcement with more wood and metal. We have taken into account what tools we need and annotated them in our risk analysis with cost over runs. During the project we may need to purchase extra materials and tools prior to the building ...view middle of the document...

00 which includes getting the right personnel, the materials, and the tools for the project. We have higher dollar amounts for pre-phase construction and building phase $10,197.50 because these are the two phases in which problems often times arise, so we went front end heavy on the dollar amount just in case we had to do more with the tree structure. For example, if branches on the tree were not solid enough to support the foundation, more materials will need to be used to make a safe structure. We also took into account weather considerations during the building phase because we may be half way through the project and inclement weather may hit us, so we will need more materials in order to complete the job. This is why we also have two construction workers for this reason. This is a periodic cost we are willing to incur in case of inclement weather, we can get back on schedule. The testing phase has a cumulative cost of $3,800.00, we took into consideration during testing we may need to strengthen, or other improvements needed before we close out the project. This dollar amount is a bit high for testing because we want some room to play with in case we need to make any necessary adjustments as stated previously. Lastly, we come to our closing phase which is the lowest of our dollar amounts for cumulative cost at $2,380.00. This dollar amount represents us finishing the project with painting, cleaning, and last minute touch ups before the family can enjoy the tree house. Below is how we broke down our cost by phase:

When it is all said and done our cumulative cost for this project is $20,837.50. We have taken into account cumulative and periodic costs while maintaining our goal of staying under our $25,000.00 budget. We have taken into account periodic costs in our $20,837.50 budget and we still have an additional $4,162.50 to use in case the tree structure is bad, there is a delay in getting permits (putting us behind schedule), or we encounter inclement weather. Our project thus far is on schedule and under budget.

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