Pm610 1003b 02 Project Time, Cost And Scope Management

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PM610-1003B-02 Project Time, Cost and Scope Management

As the assigned Project Manager IRTC has asked me to evaluate the

customer service add on package the vendor offered while still in project

negotiations. The price tag for the add-on is $25,000 and will take an

additional 4 weeks to complete. I have been asked to provide my opinion.

Over the next few pages I shall discuss What one should consider before

accepting or denying the vendors proposal, how my decision could affect the

overall project, what parties would need to be involved in the decision

making process, and the factors that need to be discussed and agreed upon

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Overall I would
say that if the customer service system is implemented we need to
determine the complexity of it, along with the customer databases. If these
systems are relatively complex then we should look more closely at the
vendors add on package if it will simplify and bring an return on investment
in a relatively reasonable time frame.

How my decision may affect the overall project:
To date the project is within scope, time frame, and budget however, we
have planned up front to set aside $10k for emergencies or unforeseen
circumstances. At this time we do not want to consider the set aside funds
available for the additional funding of $25K. Therefore we would have to
request additional funding to cover the add on cost, which would increase
the overall budget. The schedule would be affected because we would have
to extend the schedule by extending the completion date out an additional 4
weeks. As far as resources, a majority of the responsibility would rest on the
shoulders of the vendor as they would have to provide their own internal
organizational personnel, as well as any parts, supplies and materials,
overall this would affect internal project management team members as
they may have already been scheduled to participate on another project (s).
Additional considerations for the project team resources could be
interference with already planned and approved employee vacation
schedules, training, holidays, business trips, team building exercises, family
member graduation schedules, planned family member medical and dental
appointments and operations. In addition to these changes the scope of the
contract would also change which would require approval from the change
control panel.

Parties that would be involved in the decision making process:
The parties that would be involved in the change request process would
and could include: The project manager, project team, project sponsor,
steering committee, change control board/panel and executives. Control
boards and their procedures and processes will change dependent on the
organization and stakeholders (PMBOK Guide 2008). An EXAMPLE of a
Change request process could be as follows:

Identify Change Request
Action | Responsibility |

● Identify and record the issue | Project Manager or Team Lead |

Validate Change Request
● Identify member of the management team as the issue owner● Validate change...

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