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Plc Theory Essay

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Due to the growing health awareness in the UK, the percentage of the population that smokes is decreasing, from 47% in 1945 to only 28% by 2003. This decline has predominately been in the older age groups, meaning that the same number of young people are picking up the habit of smoking, and it is the older smokers who are quitting. 20-34 years old are the most prevalent smokers in the UK, with 38% of people within this age range smoking. Since smoking more popular among younger people, this is the segment that should be targeted by Niquitin products. “Serial quitters” or people who try several times unsuccessfully to quit smoking, are a key demographic for Niquitin. It is this past failure ...view middle of the document...

By way of explanation of these results, psychologists postulate that those who hare highly extraverted smoke to seek stimulation, and those who are highly neurotic smoker to relieve anxiety and tension. However, it has been found that smoking over time increases the likelihood of depression and anxiety, so it is possible that neuroticism could be raised as a product of smoking and not be the cause. Either way, 47% of smokers claimed to smoke to reduce stress, despite the fact that studies show over time smoking increases physiological stress indicators in the body. This discrepancy would be a good point to emphasize in a marketing campaign, so that individuals are aware of the fact that they are actually increasing their anxiety by smoking.
Smokers score low in conscientiousness, and this is related to disregard for health concerns. In a 24 year study, it was concluded that low conscientiousness in children was a predictor of smoking behavior as an adult. Smokers were also found to be less agreeable than the general population, which is not surprising considering the modern social pressure against smoking. Those who are less agreeable and highly rebellious are less likely to strive for social acceptance.
There are several other studies that delve into the primary concerns and interests of individuals attempting to quit smoking. In one study, 50% of women...

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