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Play Therapy Essay

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Play Therapy

It is very normal for children to play, that’s what they do. Although play time is fun time, it can also serve a much need purpose, to allow a child to express their thoughts and feelings. Through play a child can often better communicate than with language, they are able to express their emotions and communicate difficulties without having to verbally speak to anyone. Many of the children which have utilized play therapy are those who do not have the words to express the situations they are in, they are not capable of correctly describing incidents which have occurred and usually are unable to express their feelings, describe their thoughts or ...view middle of the document...

”(2007). Her goal was to enable children to bring the “unconscious to the conscious” (2007). Anna Freud also used play in therapy in an attempt to build a relationship with the child before moving on to interpretation of their unconscious motivations (2007). Yet another very important and influential person was Carl Rogers. Rogers, the father of Client Centered Therapy (Person Centered Therapy), this form of therapy placed emphasis on the client/therapist relationship focusing on genuineness, trust and acceptance. It is his ideas and theories that made enormous impact on one of his students by the name of Virginia Axline who is known as the mother of play therapy. It is her work which has made an enormous impact and has greatly influenced the field. She utilized Rogerian constructs to help her create the structure for Child Centered Play Therapy. Axline encouraged the children to be themselves in the play environment within a therapeutic environment. She believed there were necessary prerequisite conditions that needed to be met such as “the development of a warm relationship, acceptance, establishment of a feeling of permissiveness, recognition and reflection of feelings and the demonstration of a deep respect of for the child’s...

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