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Plato Vs. Christianity Essay

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Plato and Christianity are views with different ideas of afterlife. They differ in several aspects but both share the belief that the human person is immortal and death is the cessation of bodily functions but one’s soul exists for a time disembodied. Plato believed in immortality and dualism (the idea that humans are composed of two substances, a material substance or body and an immaterial substance or soul). Plato believed that the soul was immortal in both directions, past and future, in which you’ll always exist and believed that humans will survive past their deaths. Plato believed that souls were simple and that simple things could not be destroyed because they don’t have parts, hence leading to the idea that the soul survives death. ...view middle of the document...

Thus Christians believe the human person is mortal and death is the extinction of consciousness, but at resurrection God re-creates the person, raising the person from the dead to continue its embodied state. Christianity holds the view of predestination, the idea of salvation where one receives everlasting life in heaven. Salvation is due to god; a human can do nothing to bring about their own salvation and is saved (goes to heaven and not hell) only if God saves them. It’s impossible to change your predestination by living morally good in order to gain entrance to heaven. Christians believe that if you’re one of the elect destined for heaven, then you’ll live a morally good life as a sign that you’re indeed one of the elect.
Plato is the more plausible of the two views. It’s easier to believe that your body is mortal and when you die your soul carries on in a disembodied state. Christianity is harder to accept because it requires the belief that people’s souls return to bodily forms after resurrection. This would mean that people in their new bodies would have foreknowledge of other influential people from their previous bodily states. Salvation would also mean that God had a preconceived plan that you would lead a morally good life before you entered the world and enter heaven. People are constantly confronted with right or wrong choices in the world and to believe that God predetermined that you would make every right choice is hard to believe. Christianity requires more belief than Plato’s views and leaves more room for evidence to prove its views, such as resurrection, which has yet to be presented.

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