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Plastics In The Medical Field Essay

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Plastics in the Medical Field
Plastics are polymers with a high molecular mass and often incorporate other materials to increase strength and function as well as lower production cost. The Greek work “plastikos” is the root word for the word plastic as we know it. The meaning is “capable of being molded or shaped”. The use of plastics in the medical field isn’t as high as it is thought to be. Plastics have several uses in and out of the hospital.
One use of plastic is on a MRI machine. A MRI is basically a giant magnet with the ability to attract a metal object within range. Any metal around the MRI machine could become airborne and be potentially dangerous should they fly towards the ...view middle of the document...

They have been incorporated into the frames and lenses of eyewear to reduce the weight and increase the safety of them. They are also used in an alternative to glasses for contact lenses, which are made of a flexible plastic. ("Plastics In Medicine." )
For child safety, plastic is used to make taper-proof caps to keep small children from getting into pharmaceutical packaging thinking the medicine is some sort of candy. Years ago medical packaging did not have tamper-proof caps and seals. This invention of plastic has made pharmaceuticals much safer to consume. ("Plastics In Medicine." )
Prosthetics are made out of plastics as well for orthopedic purposes. They’re used in devices that align, support, and correct deformities where they improve the function of moveable parts of the body or replace the body part as a whole, taking over its main function. Diseased arteries that cannot be helped via vessel support are brought back to life by removing part of the aorta and replacing the gap with a section of flexible plastic prosthesis. Artificial corneas are made to replace the eye if a transplant has little to no success from eye injuries or chronic inflammations like cornea erosion. An artificial cornea is made from a special silicon about ¼ to ½ a millimeter think that is highly transparent and flexible, and is able to restore clear vision again. ("Medical & Health." )
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