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Plastics Adverse Affects Essay

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Harmful effects of plastic bags:
“May I have a plastic bag to carry my stuff?” It is a very common statement which we hear in the markets and shops since our senses began. It is a fibre that is waterproof, light in weight and easily available which makes it a very strong alternative of paper or jute bags. No doubt their fabric is very attractive and fashionable to be carried. But people were hardly ignorant about its unforeseen threat to the nature. It is chemically a polymer by property which reveals its evil side towards nature and its cycle. Scientists say that a polymer is non-biodegradable and thus takes millions and millions of years to go down the earth.
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There are cows, goats, buffaloes and sheep whose mass population depends upon the grass for survival. Sometimes the plastic bits get mixed with the grass and goes inside the bodies of this grazing population with their diet. at times, it has been observed in the villages where these grazing populations are domesticated by the local people residing. The plastic bits are impossible to be digested due to their non-biodegradable nature and thus become a serious threat to the health of these animals. This in turn reduces the quality of their health and their rearing products like milk, meat and wool.
Plastic has not even spared the aquatic life. People dump the sewage in the waterbodies nearby to free the land portion from getting occupied. Also, Tourists visiting the sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna pollute them by throwing their plastic carry bags after fulfilling their own selfish needs. Tourists visiting the beautiful beaches of the seas and oceans do the same mistake due to ignorance about their fatal effects caused to the ecological system. The plastic bags flow to the rivers, and canals to get merged with the water of ponds, lakes, seas and oceans. The next possible effect is quite predictable. The aquatic animals like fishes, whales, dolphins, and many amazing population are put into the mouth of death when they consume the plastic bits along with their food in water.
Now comes the ultimate point which needs a highlight. The amazing fact is, These all animal...

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