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Plastic Bag Essay

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Plastic Bag
Jeff Blanchard
November 3, 2014
Gayle Thomas

Plastic Bag
I feel that the Senate Bill 270 has too many negative consequences to be of significant value to the citizens California. Because of the dramatic change in environmental resources used and the financial impact for fixed income citizens. The tax increase on California consumers are also an issue. This bill is a ban on the use of single use plastic bags at grocery stores. Which has been a controversial subject for a number of years. I think this is the worst decision that the Governor has ever made.
On September 30, 2014. The California Governor signed a very controversial bill that bans the use of ...view middle of the document...

But, I feel that the uses, functionality, and cost of manufacturing plastic bags outweigh the reason for banning the bags. There no measure on reducing the litter from plastic bags nor is there any statement on how to monitor the bill’s effectiveness. Most importantly, how will low income or fixed income citizens pay for the bags? If they barely have the funds to survive now. How will they survive when the ban takes effect? Now because of the Governor, every Californian that buys groceries will have to pay for a bag that was once free. It’s a tax increase without calling it a tax. They say “use reusable bags”. If they were to use reusable bags. How much are they going to cost? How are they sanitary after carrying raw meats and produce? Launder the bags? Now, we are using extra water and energy to wash a bag that never needed to exist. How about the “fee” for the bag where is it going? How are the funds being appropriated? How many times can recycled material be recycled before new material need to be added? Recent studies show that, recycled paper cannot have a 100% recycle rate (The Fiber Cycle Technical Document. Metafore, March 2006). So how are we going to replenish all the lost paper in the recycling process? What about theft? Does shoplifting become more common? “They enter the store with...

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