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Planning The Needs Of Other Organizations

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Assignment #1 – Case Study Chapter 4: Planning the Needs of Other Organizations

Identify the critical success factors that Benefast partners should consider for its HRIS system. The success factors that Benefast partners should consider for its HRIS system is more reliant on the Planning, and successful planning is critically depending on comprehensive needs analysis, so these two stages through the HRIS system would be the critical success factors. Planning can be divided into long-range and short range operational planning. Long range planning for an HRIS examines the big picture of an organization’s HR function and its information needs in light of its overall business strategy ...view middle of the document...

Benefast partners provide a specific market niche HRIS product that benefits administration software. One of their challenges was to provide comprehensive benefits administration software that meets the needs of a growing and complex marketplace. Benefast partners were doing benefit pension plans for large employers. When dealing with fortune 100 companies, it limits the organization potential for growth to small and mid-size markets. So with that being said the competition in the market for small, medium, and large clients, there was no real way to expand. They were doing 401(k) retirement plans administration both on proprietary system, designed and marketed for large employers, and on purchased platform for smaller companies. They had interest from existing 401(k) clients to take on administration of their defined benefit plans and we felt we had lost 401(k) business in the past because they didn’t offer total retirement outsourcing, just 401(k). Benefast partners quickly determined that the purchased system’s defined benefits platform wasn’t sophisticated enough from a calculation standpoint to handle most of the complexity of defined benefit plans so they decided to use a combination of the purchased system with the calculation engine component for the proprietary system(Kavaghn & Thite 2009p.97). This is where the HRIS system would come into place, the analysis would use archival methods by examining the existing documentation and records, and this won’t just include the retirement plans. It would include organizational charts, policy manuals, exit interviews, and performance data can also be useful in this analysis. By analyzing this information, the HRIS project team will have a better grasp on the overall business and the types of information it collects (Kavaghn & Thite 2009p. 91). Another part of their strategy was to market and only serve those customers who met a fairly stringent set of requirements. This part of their strategy was to basically build a system based on clients whose plans are easy to administer. No Multiplan clients, no retirement modeling, no coordination of benefits, and limited web interface....

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