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Needs Assessment: Planning for Learning Environments

Domestic Violence

John Doe

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Every person has the potential to become a victim or the abuser in the case of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior directed toward a spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member. Studies show that many people involved in domestic violence have had some previous exposure to violence at home. For this discussion, my target audience is police officer involved in domestic violence. Officers are charged with protecting the rights of people and upholding the laws. ...view middle of the document...

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Needs Assessment: Planning for Learning Environments

Introduction (APA Manual, 2001, p. 113)

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Describe the organization briefly; set the stage for your reader.

Proposal Reflection

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Sponsor Interview
Captain G. Brown is a 24 year veteran of the Warshaw County Police Department. She is also the Pastor of a local church in a neighboring county. Captain Brown is a licensed family counsel who specializes in Public Safety Family Counseling. Although she is a Captain in the police department, she purposefully does little counseling at work so that officers feel comfortable having sessions with her in office outside of the police department. According to Captain Brown, “anonymity is paramount in this environment. If officers feel anyone will know that they are seeing a counselor, they will not participate fully”. Warshaw County Police Department is located in NE Georgia. Warshaw is a large urban area with a population of approximately 747,459 citizens. The Call volume for the Police Department is the second largest in the state. Warshaw Police fall under the Public Safety umbrella with Warshaw Fire and EMS. The Police Department has 1000 sworn officers and approximately 500 non sworn personnel. As Public Safety we number 4500 in sworn personnel.

Issue Definition
Domestic violence amongst police officers is at all time high. There are a very few agencies that are willing to deal with internal issues regarding violence among police officers.

Needs Identification

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Contract with Supervisor(s)

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Identify/Establish Performance Standards

Domestic Violence is a silent killer. There are more police officers that need help but very few are willing to sit down with a counselor in fear they might lose their job. Most police officers have no other outlet other than the source of power they are given as protector of the law.

Trainee/Target Population Analysis

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Training Goals and Objectives
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Training Costs/Feasibility Analysis

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Contextual Analysis

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Final Summary Justification Statement

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