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Planning And Non Planning Factors Essay

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Discuss the range of planning and non-planning factors that would be taken into account in drawing up a scheme for the development of a site.

Like any other design process, site development starts with the analysis of the existing situation and the design problem. According to Roberts and Creed (2000), since building involves highly complex and valuable materials, services and spaces, it is not surprising that their form is heavily influenced by relationships of ownership and control as well as political processes and cultural practices. This is constantly redefining the relationship between planning and the development process in terms of the planning ...view middle of the document...

Considering the definition of development according to Section 55 of the United Kingdom Town Planning Act 1990 cited in Moore (2005) “development as the carrying out of building, engineering, mining or other operations in, on, over or under land, or the making of material change in the

use of building or other land. The reference to material change in the use of land or building is very important because it will have impact on other factors such as transport, parking needs and pedestrian and vehicular flow in the locality. For instance commercial use will generate more inflow of people than residential. This shows that there would be a considerable impact on the quality of the local environment. Since planning is concerned with the use of land, purely personal considerations are not material Suffice to say, the need for planning permission makes planning factors important.

This report examines a site that has become available on the edge of a small town in Camden, explaining the range of planning and non-planning factors to be considered by a developer in drawing up a scheme for development of the site. Since local
residents oppose the development of the site, consideration will be given to mixed use development which can benefit residents by balancing their choices of use in agreement with Planning Policy Statement 1: Delivering Sustainable Development which stated that planning shapes the place where people live and work and the country we live in. It further stresses that good planning ensures that we get the right development, in the right place and at the right time while making positive difference to people's lives and helping to deliver homes, jobs, and better opportunities for all, protecting and enhancing the natural and historic environment. (ODPM, 2005).

Firstly, the factors to be considered are those related to the site itself which include location, topography, and previous land use, accessibility to the site, other towns and surroundings amongst others. All these physical features are important in determining whether the site is suitable for a particular type of development .ODPM (2005) states that "In principle...any consideration which relates to the use and development of land is capable of being a planning consideration.However, whether a particular consideration falling within that broad class is material in any given case will depend on the circumstances" (Stringer v MHLG 1971). Material considerations must be genuine planning considerations that are those related to the development and use of land in the public interest. The considerations must also fairly and reasonably relate to the application concerned (R vs. Westminster CC ex-parte Monahan 1989).

Planning Factors
Cullingworth and Nadin (2006) listed possible material or planning factors which likely begin with the sitting and appearance of proposed building, suitability of the site and its accessibility, relationship to traffic and infrastructure...

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