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Planning and Design Analysis Grid

Your Learning Team has been assigned two articles to analyze for assignments in Weeks Three and Four. One article is a qualitative research study, and the other is a quantitative research study. Identify which article is which, and then complete the table where applicable. Write no more than three sentences in each cell of the table.

Qualitative: Living with Incurable Cancer at the End of Life-Patients’ Perceptions of Quality of Life

Quantitative: Dance and movement program improves quality-of-live measures in breast cancer survivors

Qualitative Quantitative
Research question What is the patients’ perception of quality of life in incurable ...view middle of the document...

The researchers focused on five questions relating to quality of life to discuss. Burns and Grove (2011) also call the independent variable the treatment. The participants did warm-up, core exercises and dance moves with music. The women were placed in the program or the wait list and progress was measured at intervals.
Dependent variable The dependent variable is the outcome the researcher wants to predict or explain (Burns & Grove, 2011). The dependent variable was how patients with incurable cancer perceive their quality of life at the end of life. Their answers were based on the five questions asked in the study. The dependent variable is to see if a movement based on The Lebed method or dance would improve quality of life, body image, and shoulder function in breast cancer survivors.
Theoretical framework The theoretical framework of this study was to find out what is quality of life in patient with incurable cancer and to determine how we can maintain quality of life in patients with incurable cancer. The theoretical framework for this study is to determine if the Lebed Method, dance and movement can improve the quality of life, shoulder function, and body image in breast cancer survivors.
Population The population of the study was patients with incurable cancer. The accessible population was patients living in Ja”mtland in central Sweden. The target population consisted of 5 participants out of 25 that were active more than 50% of the time while awake, and were cared for at home with the support of their family. The population of this study was 38-82 year old women that were diagnosed with breast cancer and had breast surgery. The target population was women with breast cancer that had breast surgery within five years of the study.
Setting Five participants with incurable cancer living in the County of Ja¨mtland in central Sweden palliative care, group study Cancer Care Partnership of MidState Medical Center (MidState) and the University of Connecticut Cancer Center (UCONN).
Sampling method Five participants selected from a group of 25 patients with incurable cancer living in the County of Ja¨mtland in central Sweden. It is randomized control trial with thirty-five women ages between 38 and 82 with the mean age of 61 completed twelve week intervention using Lebed method.
Practice application Palliative nurses should focus on the positive and to be social, encourage patients to talk about enjoyable past life experience and what they enjoy in...

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