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Planning And Control Essay

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Table of Contents1. Introduction. 22. Definition of planning and control. 33. Types of planning. 34. SWOT analysis. 45. Importance of control. 56. Bibliography 6Introduction.One of the most crucial activities that take place during project management is planning. Projects are destined to fail if adequate attention is not given to planning the scope, the timing of activities, and project costs."A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there."H.Stanley Judd.Starting a project with a good plan is like mapping out the course the project will take. A good plan tells you which direction to go, what turns to take, and what to do if you run into ...view middle of the document...

" (Tiernan, 2001: 289)Types of planning.As planning is a basic element involved in getting the proper output of an operation, it needs to be discussed and explained in depth. Here I will observe a brief structural analysis of planning as regards the hotel management aspect.There are three main types of planning:1. Strategic planning involves issues of strategic direction and normally takes place at the top level of organisation. Strategic planning is usually used for a long - term orientation` s basic mission establishing organisational, standards and objectives. For the Hilton Group, where I am currently employed, the main strategic direction would be spreading, increasing and multiplying the number of hotels over a specific timeframe e.g. Hilton Airport under construction on Malahide road. As an example of planning organisational standards and objectives I would call the decision of top management of Hilton Group to divide the Hilton hotels into two categories: "premium" and "select" where each of them is getting its own standards.2. Tactical planning focuses on the current operations of the various parts of the organisation and has a medium - term orientation. This type of planning takes place at middle - management level. It serves for formulating tactical plans (which are strongly related to strategic plans) to achieve strategic objectives and outlining roles and responsibilities to meet specific targets.An example of tactical planning would be interpreting a plan to divide Hilton hotels into two categories taken by top management of Hilton Group that I can observe in Hilton Dublin. When Hilton Dublin was awarded with "premium" category our General Manager was given a list of specific standards to be achieved. As a result of outlining roles and responsibilities each department got its own tasks to be done by certain time.3. Operational planning is concerned with short - time planning of day - to - dayFunctions where there is a need to take immediate action. It is usually undertaken by front - line managers or supervisors who are in a position to make plans about short - term operations. Operational planning involves establishing departmental targets, budgets and specific ways of actions to achieve tactical plans.In this case each head of department makes his/her own plans to achieve desirable result. For instance to correspond with "premium" category Hilton Dublin must have in room stereo system. To get it done the manager of the accommodation department should set the timeframe, number of staff, budget, etc.SWOT analysis.On every stage in developing plans any organisation must analyse its internal strengths and weaknesses in relation to the external opportunities and threats that confront it. The assessment of an organisation` s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is called a SWOT Analysis. Every organisation should be aware of its strengths and weaknesses in order to capitalise on them. According to Johnson and Scholes (1993)...

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