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Planing In The New Organization Essay

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* Planning in the new workplace differs from traditional approaches to planning. The process of planning is changing and becoming a part of everyday work of all employees.

* Traditional strategy and planning process have been only in the domain and control of top managers.

* In today´s workplace everyone becomes involved in the planning, which is becoming a part of everyday work throughout the whole organization.

* We are discussing about two different types of approach to planning process :
- Traditional (top – down) approaches and - New workplace (bottom – up) approaches to planning.
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 Larsen started with decentralized management through the whole organization.

* Managers end employees can come up with creative solutions to problems, develop dynamic plans that meet fast changing needs and feel more committed to follow through on the plans.

* Planning comes alive when employees are fully involved in setting goals, determining the means to reach them and are developing a sense of ownership in the plan.

* Guidelines for planning in the new workplace:

* start with a strong mission (constantly adapt plan to meet new market needs, increase participation, commitment and motivation of employees),
* set stretch goals (highly ambitious, clear, challenging but realistic to achieve.
* create a culture that encourages learning (design workplace that celebrates diversity, supports risk-taking, encourages learning and creativity),
* design new roles for planning staff (planning specialists serve as facilitators and supporters who supply informations),
* use temporary task forces (planing task forces is a group of employee who develop a strategic plan),
* planning...

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