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Planet Of The Humans, Or Planet Of The Apes

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Running Head: Planet of the Humans, or planet of the Apes?

Planet of the Humans,
Or will it be Planet of the Apes?
What happens when we are finally able to communicate with other creatures on our planet, and they are equally as able to communicate with us?

Timothy L Nichols
College of Southern Idaho

Author’s Note
* Timothy L Nichols, Environmental Technology Program, CSI
* Timothy L Nichols is a 58 year old returning student at College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, ID, who has returned to further his education and achieve his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and also an AAS in Environmental Technology. Tim has been a trainer for North American Search & Rescue Dogs ...view middle of the document...

History had changed when he returned from space.
3: Relevancy Statement –
Communication with other creatures has been in the past used to direct them to do things for us and not to understand them, but we are starting to understand that they have intelligence and even languages of their own.
4: Preview of Main Points –
Intelligence is based on “human” abilities and has been measured in other creatures ( i.e. Elephants, Dogs) such as painting and following verbal commands to do something (i.e. dogs & dolphins). Skills are being developed that allow some creatures (i.e. Apes and Chimpanzees), and languages discovered (i.e. whales and dolphins) to communicate at distances people would never be able to accomplish.
Transition –
My personal experience working with horses and dogs - PowerPoint slide #2
Body of my speech and painting question - PowerPoint slide #3
Body of Speech
1: First Main Point – History of our social interactions with other creatures.
2: Preview of Sub-points –
A – Work or “of Service” animals - (PPT Slides 4 & 5)
In the past we have always thought of “useful” animals as those we can communicate our wants to and direct them, such as horses and dogs for hunting.

B – Uses in entertainment - (“Morphy” PPT Slide #7)
Currently we use animals for service, pets and entertainment.

C – Personal Achievements – (Chicken PPT Slide #8)
We are starting to recognize record achievements for certain animals.
Transition – Answer to painting question (Elephant Painting PPT Slide # 8)

1: Second Main Point – the Social Communications “Revolution”
2: Preview of Sub-points –
A – Washoe and “sign Language” (PPT Slide #9)
B – Film Industry and cultural Awareness (PPT Slide #10)
C – the “Achievers” in communication (PPT Slide #11)
Transition – The 60’s and TV’s “Star Trek” (PPT Slide #12)

1: Third Main Point – Technology and the future of Communications
2: Preview of Sub-points –
A – “Trekkies” and their Toys (PPT Slide #13)

B – Development of Communicator & naming of the Shuttle ENTERPRISE
(PPT Slides #14 & 15)
C – Where we are...

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