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Planet Of The Arabs Essay

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Planet of the Arabs
I am really disappointed about “Planet of the Arabs” film. These kinds of films are called propaganda films, due to the false information. The message of this film is probably to show that Hollywood or other media sources are trying to corrupt the images of Arabs. The film starts from the old days and kept going to the Arab development in American history. They mentioned that Arab people are dehumanization, and the women are like camels in Arab society, and the false meaning of jihad.
“The dehumanization of a people” was the first thing that was in the film, and they referred it to the Arabs people, by telling Arabs you can tell! I think it is ...view middle of the document...

They were one of the first societies that gave the women her rights. On the other hand, women were prohibited to vote in old Britain society. Also the romans people, when they knew that the pregnant women is giving her birth, they would kill it if they knew it was a female. Because they thought that men are the important aspect in their society. So, why Arabs!
Moreover, when they started to talk about Allah “God” and shohada, the women told him that shohada is the prayer when you give your life to God. Actually, this is not true, because this is against Islamic rule, and what some people is doing right now under the name of jihad is not true, and it called suicide rather than jihad. In some society there gangs and there are mafias, so they call these aspect in Arab society Irhab it is the opposite of Jihad.
At last when they talked about the war and we have to kill those rats, they were in Afghanistan, so that doesn’t represent the image or the culture of Arab people. Every society has its own culture, but they didn’t mention it. Thank you propaganda!
In my point of view, I think that these scenes from different films didn’t present any credible information, due to the ridiculous information that was presented. However, I learned something value from this film is that until today there are people, who try to sow hatred among people. I also think that this film is entertaining, because it reflect the ignorance of the people, who is behind these kinds of films. So, don’t judge the book by its cover, there are a lot of meaningful things that you can explore from Arab culture.

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