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Planet Earth Essay

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Pole to Pole
I came to know how the power of sun drives our world’s climate and the life giving cycle of water. How animals adapt to the climate of planet earth. Also learned about the climate zones and how the sun shapes the earth’s climate as a whole.
The animals shown in the film adapt to their environment depend on many things like the animals that live in the severe cold weather (very low temperature) such as polar bears and caribou have thick furs. The caribou specifically has hollow winter hair and the polar bear has many layers including fur which helps them stay warm in the cold climate in which they live in. Amur leopard also lives in cold weather but they do not have fur as thick as the polar bears. Another animal that lives in such a severe cold weather are penguins, since they live more together in groups, they densely pack themselves together to ...view middle of the document...

As the availability of food, water and a habitat become accessible in the rainforest for them to live in. As a result seasonal changes in temperature and light (Sun) play a significant role on animals to adapt to their environment.
The climate zones I learned about are the North Pole and the South Pole. The North Pole and South Pole are extremely cold and snowy. At the Arctic and Antarctica the changes are extreme. One has extreme winter while the other has warm summer. The reverse is also the same. While in the tropic the weather is warm and temperature barely changes. It is covered with jungles and rain forest, and it is full of life. On the other hand, the desert is dry and does not have much rain fall, although the desert covers one third of the world. Lastly, the oceans have many nutrients and a lot of species of animals and it covers largely the earth.
The sun is the source of life and energy for every life that exist in our planet earth. The role of sun is inevitable in shaping the earth’s climate. One out of so many important jobs performed by the sun is changing the seasons. As the earth orbits the sun, the angle of the sun hitting the earth varies. The sun rays hit the earth differently in every season. The earth is tilted towards the sun in the summer, result in warmer, hotter and longer days. While on the other hand in winter the earth is tilted away from the sun therefore, it results in colder and shorter days but longer nights. It also makes nutrients which helps the food chains. Another important job of the Sun would be causing the weather, because it radiates heat and it helps the water cycle which makes precipitation. And once it precipitates that create water for all livings including humans, animals and plants.
I think the most interesting animal adaptation from the film was how the penguins in such extreme coldness of Antarctica could survive and incubate an egg in the harsh four months winter. A male penguin warming the egg with its feet and feathers all winter long and eventually the egg will hatch and a new life will begin a new journey.

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