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The D.A. Garden Supplies research Project is a tool that will be implemented to solve their issues and to understand what they are doing wrong or what forces are causing their problems, to be capable of solving them in a way that is profitable to everyone.

1.0 Heading: Preliminary Project scope
Draft a preliminary Project scope for D.A. Garden Supplies that through consultation with relevant personnel includes the following:
1.1 Subheading: Required Sources
Identify the human, financial and physical resources that you will require and discuss whether they are available or need to be obtained.

It will base on people who have a wide experience, but the group should be ...view middle of the document...

1.4 Subheading: Sample
Explain the sample size and nature of your sample

The sample size is around 20 people from a population of 200, the sample is people of the area and more relevant customers, clients, suppliers of the business and others businesses that affect their activities in a direct or indirect way.

1.5 Subheading: Project timelines
Discuss and document the time lines (i.e. the time required and available for the project)

Activities Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11
Define Resources
Selection of candidates
Determinate Budget
Define Methodology
Design methodology
Develop the questionaries
Digitalization of information
Analyze the information
Verify the accomplishment
Final report

2.0 Heading: Data gathering
Discuss your data gathering approach. Details or your approach is put under the following sub-headings:
2.1 Subheading: Types of data required
Discuss the types of data required for this research noting that combination of data will be best for this research. Justify why the data is required

The type of data required is more qualitative than quantitative, but the quantitative offers also relevant information in the project. For that reason, I will use a mix of both qualitative and quantitative in order to obtain better and trustable information.

The data is required because it helps the project to form a solid basis of information, in which, later, I will base, to determine, examine and execute a strategy.

2.2 Subheading: Data gathering methods
Identify and evaluate at least three suitable data gathering methods for this research project, describing why each of these methods was chosen

• Questionnaires: This method was chosen because helps to obtain the exact information we want to know.
• Interviews: Potential persons chosen according to the answers of the questionnaires worth making interviews in order to get more specific answers
• Direct Observation: Helps to see in a very close way how is the market doing, and this helps to get a more clear vision of it.

2.3 Subheading: Sources of data
Identify the sources of the required data and explain why these were chosen. There should be clear justifications for your choice of sources.

• Libraries: In order of gaining proper information about the market, the evolution of this. Also, find similar research that helps to see points in common and facilitate the finding of greater results.
• Market: This source is very important because is in with the business develop its activities, so, through this, data obtained will be determinant in the planning and execution of a strategy.
• Consumers: The greater source of information, because these are the ones, that always have contact and interact with the others actors...


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