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Plan For A Small Business Essay

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Executive Summary

1.A & A Kids Wear (AAKW) is a retail store for kids wear with good quality and latest

2.This business will cater to the needs of Kid’s age from 6 to 11

3.Location of the business is assume an actual location in Chittagong city.

The target audiences of the business are :

|Age |Population |
|5 to 9 years |250,000 |
|10 to 14 years |250,000 |
|Total : ( 5 to 14 years) |500,000 |

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• Good quality materials
• Changing demands and catering to this demand
• Changing fashions and changing behavior of demographics

Services Overview

I. Services

For different age groups, our variety of children wear is offered in different sizes and is tremendously comfortable to wear. Our offered clothing collections for kids are :

Hooded T- Shirts

We offer an exceptional range of T-shirts with hoods that are offered in a multitude of colors and patterns.

Printed T-Shirts

We make an extensive range of in print T-shirt that are offered in diverse colors and prints.

Children’s T-Shirts

An exclusive range of full sleeve children’s T-shirts.

Half Sleeve T-Shirts

We offer a broad range of Half-sleeve T-shirts

Cotton Knickers

Knickers are one of the trendiest as well as the most comfortable garment for kids, available in eye catching prints and colors.

II. Benefits and Features

• Lovely designs and prints
• Eye-catching colors
• Long-lasting apparels
• Comfortable to wear
• Available in various sizes

III. Why people need this service

A number of the factors that have made us the ideal choice of our customers are :

• Various variety under a single roof
• Quality guaranteed goods
• Customization
• Capacity to accept mass orders
• Well-timed delivery
• Easy payment modes of Cash

Marketing Plan

I. Market Analysis

A. Market Description

Bangladesh Kids wear market is based on both local and imported cloths. It is highly competitive market . The clothing business saw approximately TK. 150 Crore and the share of the Children’s & infant’s clothing stores is TK.25 crore and the share of Chittagong city area is 10 Crore.

B. Market Facts

Market is found approximately as below:

|Product Description |Sales in Crore Taka |Sales in % |
|Women’s , Juniors & Misses Wear |58.50 |39 |
|Men’s Wear |42.75 |28.50 |
|Children’s wear incl boy’s girls & infants |27.00 |18 |
|Others |21.75 |14.5 |

C. Market Growth

Total Clothing market in Bangladesh is growing fast based on population growth,
Buying capacity increase day by day .Cloths shops and sales is grown near about
33% since last 3...

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