Plan E Marketing Essay

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Table of contents

• Summary

• Objectives and purpose

• Meet objective of bounce fitness business plan

• Value proposition

• E-marketing tools and their costs

• Meeting Strategic needs

• Action plan schedule and budget estimates, monitoring and evaluation

• Ethical Legal Requirement

• References


Bounce fitness is organisation who is related to the innovative wellness programmes and strategies ...view middle of the document...

Also they should lower the customer acquisition costs by at least 4% and increase the income by lowering the cost of service delivery by 1% per quarter.

Objectives to create e-marketing plan: -

• Internet advertising

• Collecting direct responses

• What are the costs - keeping within the budget

• Distributing information via internet

• Online transactions

• Building and maintaining customer relationships through electronic communications

• Generating leads by attracting potential customers.


| Strengths |Weakness |
|They have very well trained staff. |The inability to work on high volume business model. |
|A well-researched detailed health wellness program is organised|High costs associated with customized. |
|for long term focus. | |
|Oriented approach to maintain and attract the customers. | |
| Opportunities |Threats |
|As the customers increase it become easy for the single company|Lack of immunity to an economic downturn. |
|to follow the acceptance of bounce fitness program. |Potential competition from larger, well established |
|They can participate within a growing market. |competitors. |
|Leverage future quantitative analysis supports the long term |A change in society where the individual began to take far |
|wellness programs which a great importance. |more responsibility for his/her health maintenance. |


|Political |Economical |
|Australian government is stable and always keep on positive path. |Economical factor basically depends on the satisfaction of the |
|Because of which policies in this country does not changes |customers. As long as we make our customers happy and they are |
|dramatically. |satisfied from our services, then we will be on growth. |
|We comply with the fitness industry code and make our customer aware| |
|of everything | |
|Socio cultural |Technological ...

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